Friday, September 18, 2009


Here in the fair city of Erie Pennsylvania, our summers are full of ethnic festivals.

Earlier in the summer, I showed you videos from the Russian Fest. We also have an Italian Fest, a Polish Fest, a Greek Fest, and Asian Fest, and a German Fest. Last weekend we had a Heritage Fest, which featured all of those and MORE, if you can believe that. Too bad I had to work, because I had looked forward to getting some footage from that one.

We have a delightfully diverse community here. And we like it that way.

Any excuse to party!

So, two weekends ago was the German Festival. I mentioned at some point that there was a video of me petting some Llamas while at the German Fest, and there were a few of you out there who were disappointed that Zoe and I didn't post that.

Here it is. Me with Them.

Me llama es Llama from marcy hall on Vimeo.

And, then there was some German Dancing. With Lederhosen. Of course.

German Dancing from marcy hall on Vimeo.

Keep in mind, that 5 years ago, Miss Zoe came home with us from this very festival. So, in leiu of a Zoe video this week, take a moment to reflect on Zoe's Importance in your life. Be thankful that the Blisschick and I attend these Fests.

Where would you be now if we didn't? Where would you be without Miss Zoe?

Don't dwell on it. Just take a moment and move on. You could get stuck in the imaginings. It could be horrifying.

And, Happy Videofreitag!!


Kavindra said...

It is so nice to see you! You are even more adorable than the llamas, who are almost as adorable as Zoe. I won't say any more. It is up to you and Zoe to figure out who is most adorable between you two :)

Happy Anniversary to Zoe and her 2 Mammas too. 5 happy years, here's to many more.

Erin said...

Steve and I just watched it! Steve was sorry you were not dancing - "Well, there was beer." And he is now coveting your camera - "Is that HD?"

Emma said...

You ARE adorable!

What would call that llama noise? Weiiiird. How could Christine resist petting them??

The dancing was good, too. :)

I have enough stress in my life, I can't bear to think of where I'd be with Zoe's influence. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Christine could resist petting them because they were FREAKING HER OUT!

The NOISE!! The TEETH! The slightly psychotic look in their eyes! The laid back ears!

It all spelled, "I'm gonna bite ya if given the chance," so I hid behind the camera.

Emma said...

Haha! I guess that explains it, Christine!!

Anonymous said...

What fun!

Thanks for sharing!

LOVE the one with the wig :-)

Some days wish I had hair like that to hide behind :-0