Monday, September 21, 2009

OK. What just happened?

Was it just the weekend?


Do you mean that it's already Monday?

I even had a 3 day weekend. So, what on earth happened?

Was I secretly abducted and taken off to a faraway planet and then returned having been given some kind of mind erasing food or drink or pill?

Or, were we just at home? Doing Absolutely Nothing?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I do remember a brief trip to the beach with morning bagels. It was actually a little too chilly already to stay very long. It was absolutely gorgey, though the breeze made it cold, even with a jacket or hoodie.

Even Mr. Gull Looks cold.
Though not too cold to eye
The Blisschick's sesame seed bagel, mind you.

A post bagel gaze at the Lake.

Me, smiling at both the
Sunshine and the thought of a
Very Cute Rabbit at home.

I also recall reading some fiction, which made me dream of good Pinot Noir. In fact, if anyone has a favorite Pinot Noir, please feel free to recommend. Zoe and I are up for suggestions. We might even share with the Blisschick.

Also, Zoe and I got some things ready to send in the mail.

What? What are we sending?


One HallowBunny will soon be on her way to the City of Brotherly Love. And, one will soon be jetting off to Australia. MusicMiles suggested packing some snacks for that Rabbit's long ride.

Miss Zoe concurred: "We all know that Rabbits do like a little something," She quipped.

A point well taken.

And, what of the Rabbit's weekend?

I guess that sums it up. Carrot toy is appealing due to the lack of Willow Balls. Poor Miss Zoe is in a bit of a toy dry spell right now. It is so very sad.

How about you? What fun did you have? Was your weekend an Action Packed Adventure? Or, did it involve a lot of Sitting In Chairs?

Either way, we hope it was delightful.

Happy Monday.

Even The Rabbit hopes it's nice for you.


JFKlaver said...

Kistler Pinot Noir is pretty good. Beautiful post!

Kavindra said...

Well, when I saw the terrible rabbit abuse happening in this post, I contacted Zoe immediately to see if she needed me to help her get to a safe house or something!

She said "No, I love my mothers both, but can you please, for the love of the Big Rabbit in the Sky, get them to get me some TOYS?! They leave me home alone like a long-earred Cinderella, while they are in the sun laughing, and I am in the Rabbit Room, working my tail off, with NO TOYS!"

So now, Marcy, you have been warned! I hope I don't have to contact the authorities! Get that Girl a willow ball, now!

Lisa said...

Ooooo. I'm hoping Bliss Chick's bagel was gluten-free :-0

What a nice morning, though!

Great way to enjoy breakfast and your local scenery. :-)

Emma said...

My weekend was like that, too! I almost can't remember it happening!...huh?!?

HallowBunnies? YES!!

P.S. I am jealous of your beach...