Art Helps Bunnies

One of my Missions in Life (as bestowed upon me by the Great & All Knowing Miss Zoe the Rabbit) is to help Rabbits and Cats through my art.

From now on, any time I paint and sell a Bunny Portrait, 50% will go to Little Angels Animal Sanctuary in Sherman, New York, from whence we got Miss Elizabeth.

Of course, you don't have to buy a painting.  You can just donate to them directly, right here.

But if you want to get on Miss Zoe's good side, you will order a custom painting.

You don't have to have a rabbit to order a custom painting.  You could get a painting done of, say...MISS ZOE!  Or any other rabbit, though she wonders why you would do that.

(Also, don't tell Miss Zoe, but you can really order any painting of any animal and we will give 50% to Little Angels or to our local free-range, cat shelter, Orphan Angels.)

Here are some samples of rabbits I have painted in the past:

The Great Rabbit, Cinnamon

A Precognitive Painting of
Our Miss Blueberry

Three Piece Rabbit Altar

The Process for ordering your custom painting is easy.  (All paintings are acrylic on hard wood panels that do not need to be framed to be hung.)

First, email me at zoejobie at gmail dot com.  We will discuss what you want and when you want it.  Once you are on my schedule and you have sent me photos or links, you can proceed...

Second, select and pay for the size of portrait:

(Note: If you want a size that does not appear here, let me know and we'll figure it out!)

Four by Four Custom Pet Portrait Fundraiser:
$35 (plus $10 shipping)

Eight by Eight Custom Pet Portrait Fundraiser:
$50 (plus $10 shipping)

Twelve by Twelve Custom Pet Portrait Fundraiser:
$75 (plus $15 shipping)

Eleven by Fourteen Custom Pet Portrait Fundraiser:
$85 (plus $15 shipping)

Twelve by Sixteen Custom Pet Portrait Fundraiser:
$95 (plus $15 shipping)