Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beware!! The HallowBunnies Rise....


"Who said that?"
Did that scare you? Sorry.

Zoe wanted me to do that.

She thought it would be funny.

Rabbits and their weird senses of humor, you know?

So, the BOO! (sorry-- I did it again) was a reminder that Halloween is coming. It's Zoe's favorite holiday, you know. (Well, except for her birthday, Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah and any other holiday she can squeeze presents from.)

Remember last week? The Sneak Peek at a HallowBunny? Well, I've since sussed out that this whole HallowBunny thing was sort of a ploy that Zoe made up to make me paint Bunnies in different costumes so She could get an idea of what A Rabbit would look like in said costumes.

You see, Zoe's still trying to decide what she wants to be this year. Last year, she was a cat. Come to think of it, she was a cat the year before, too. At any rate, last week we announced that the two of us were working on some HallowBunnies and gave you the peek.

By the way, she still hasn't decided on her costume.

The thing is, once we got going, we really liked painting these Buns. We envisioned painting not just HallowBunnies, but Holiday Bunnies and Many Other Bunnies.

You know, Bunnies with a story to tell.

Now it's time for a real, honest-to-goodness peek. Nothing sneaky about it.

Are you ready?

Do you have on your Bunny Slippers?

Your Bunny Pants? Your Bunny Ears?

Are you wiggling you Bunny Nose?

Then, come on into..... THE RABBIT ROOM!!!

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the Bunnies in the Rabbit Room may or may not reflect the views of the lowly humans who keep the shop. The humans are in no way in control of what the Bunnies say or do. If you go into the Rabbit Room, you're own your own.)

Oh, and......All Hail and Thanks to the Blisschick for making this possible!!!!! The Blisschick Totally Rocked the Rabbit Room!


Emma said...

Eek! =O

*rabbits jumping out from closets and from around corners, shouting BOO!*

Eek! again!

I love the HallowBunnies. And I bought one! Yay!!!!!

Anonymous said...

the HallowBunnies are soooo very cute Marcy!! I adore your work :)

JFKlaver said...

Your work is so joyful! Thank you.

Kavindra said...

Very cool, very spooky, very exciting!