Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elvis in the Hood

Close your eyes and imagine this scene:

It's a bright sunny summer's day. You and your Companion Animal are sitting on the front porch enjoying an espresso and talking about your day might bring, or what that bird song is, or whatever it is you want to imagine you might be talking about.

You hear a mini van approach.

You look up from your conversation.

Elvis drives by.



Yep, that's right.

I said, Elvis drives by.

Or, imagine this: You go to Panera Bread for a bagel and a cup of coffee on your day off from work. As you stand in line trying to decide if you want the blueberry bagel or the cinnamon crunch this time, you look over and catch sight of... that's right...Elvis sitting with his friends enjoying breakfast.

That's what it is to live in our neighborhood.

You see, Elvis lives on the next block.

What? You thought Elvis was gone away to the Blue Suede Shoestore in the Sky?

Nope. Zoe and I are here to tell you that's not the case.

Next block.


And to prove it, here's a little video we shot just a week and a half ago down in the park. Having a Neighborhood Elvis has it's perks, you see. You get a show once in awhile that the whole block can enjoy. Everybody wins.

Neighborhood Elvis from marcy hall on Vimeo.

(Zoe's and My thanks to our Neighborhood Elvis, Jim Moore. He didn't know he was being filmed, so I hope he doesn't sue. If he does, I'll blame the Rabbit. Oops. Did I say that out loud?)

Vivaaaaaaaa, Miss Zoe!


leel said...

score! omg the possibilities for fun are endless.

i used to live down the street from the Newport (restaurant) that is also home to The Elvis Sighting Society. It's on (no joke) Elvis Lives Lane. I know!!!! Bill Clinton turned down meetings to go there for their famous pizza and see The spot for himself. So I have a softspot for Elvis sightings. I`m a little jealous. Ok, a lot! Elvis, AND he performs. I`m blown away! Thanks for sharing. I loved this!!!

Emma said...

Ha! =D

JFKlaver said...

Hey! Your Elvis is pretty good :) I love the look on Zoe's face in that photo. Truly like—what?

mrsb said...

I wish Elvis lived near me, lol!

Your Hallowbunny is being featured today! Sorry for the short notice, lol!

Hope you get many, many visits to your shop!

Tammy said...

Definitely cinnamon crunch...teehee!


So nice to meet ya!

Kavindra said...

As always, you have delighted us here at chez kavindra!

and I think it's a great idea to throw Zoe under the bus ... who would prosecute a cuddly little girl like her anyways ;)