Friday, April 30, 2010

Flip Friday

Today is the Last Day of April!

In celebration of that fact, Zoe and I have for you 3 Rabbit Movies.


One.  Two.  Three.

Can you even believe your good fortune???  The planets must be aligned!!

Our first movie stars the Popular Yet Elusive Miss Blueberry.  In this Rabbit Movie Made Exclusively For You, Blueberry shows off Her Cute Self and illustrates the way She would rather walk than hop.  It may seem Un-Bunnylike, but trust me-- it is the Epitome of Bunnyness because She has taken the matter of Her Self Propulsion into Her own hands, and She has decided how She will handle it.

Now, that is Bunnyness!

Rabbit Sized from marcy hall on Vimeo.

Our second movie stars...well...I think you will recognize Her. 

Though She is not thrilled about the trip I am taking later in the year, Miss Zoe, in Her Great Generosity and Wisdom, is stepping up to provide support that only She can offer.  In this video, She is helping me learn what She has deemed will be Important to Know when I go to Italy:

Zoe Practices Her Italian from marcy hall on Vimeo.

And finally, a short that we know you will enjoy that demonstrates Miss Zoe's ability to Move It Move It:

Zoe Speeds Down the Hall from marcy hall on Vimeo.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

There Is No News

Miss Zoe is sorry to report that there is no news today.

I know.  You probably think that's a joke.

But, really, it isn't.  Not in the least.

Zoe has nothing to report today.

Unless, you count this, which She doesn't:

Or this:
Or even this:

If you are really desperate for something, She could report on this.  But you'd have to be really desperate:
As a last ditch effort, She would like to put this forward:

Cute, yes?

Well now we're getting closer to some Actual Newsworthy Somethingness!!

So, how about this?
Oh, and now, She would like to present This:
Zoe wonders if we've successfully distracted you from the fact that there is no news with some Major Cuteness?

Have we?

Well, it was worth a try.

Sometimes news is hard to come by, you know.

We're just saying.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Return of the MiniCat

When last you read, the MiniCat was "away" at "camp."

("Camp," of course, being a place where one "loses things."  And, by "loses things," of course, we mean the MiniCat can now perhaps sing a little higher and feel a little calmer.  Maybe he can leave that pillow alone now.  Wink wink.)

It took ALL WEEKEND, but the movie that Zoe and I made last week during our X-treme missing of the MiniCat is finally loaded.  Who knows why it took sooooooooooo loooooooooong.

So, to celebrate both the Homecoming of the Mini and Zoe's Extreme Beauty and Stellar Acting Abilities, we have decided to post that movie on the Uncustomary Day of Monday.

But before we do that, Zoe thought you might like to see the Certificate of Bravery that Toby, the MiniCat received at "camp."  I thought it was pretty darn Cute and Cool.

Of course, Rabbits aren't much impressed with such things being that they are always Brave Animals.  She doesn't see why it's such a big deal that he deserved a Certificate, but She agreed that since She was (secretly) glad he was back at home, that showing you a picture of the Certificate would be OK>
YAY, Toby!  Sooooo Brave!!!

Well, I'm not impressed.

Me neither.  
Let's show a Rabbit Movie 
to cleanse our palette, shall we?

A Rabbit Awaits the MiniCat from marcy hall on Vimeo.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Flip (Lonely) Friday

This morning, our Lilypad is Incomplete.

It is missing a piece.  A 9.5 lbs (that's right!  9.5 lbs!!), orange striped, loud mouthed, eats so much it could pop piece that we like to call "The Mini Cat."

He is, of course, at his "appointment."  It's the same "appointment" that most Indoor Kitties, male or female, undergo at around the age of 6-7 months.  Of course, when Toby asked about it yesterday, I told him, "Oh, honey, you are just going to camp!   You're going to have so!"

I may be paying for that (lie) in the near future.

Toby will be home soon, in fact, as I write this at 6:30 AM, I know he will be home in a few short hours-- he should be home by about 10:45 AM.   All will be well.

In the meantime, Zoe wanted to post a movie showing how much She missed Toby.  We made it last night, produced it and uploaded it to Vimeo, but for some reason this morning, it is saying it's not yet finished in its processing and therefore cannot be embedded or even watched yet.

I'll have to post the new movie later today or tomorrow for you, as it is one you won't want to miss.

So, for your viewing enjoyment today, we will simply have to fall back on a couple of old standbys to help us through this Dark Period with a Missing Mini Cat and Non-Uploading Rabbit Movies.

First, we submit to you a movie that captures the Spirit of Zoe's Loneliness.  Her  Ennui.  The depths of Her Missing the Mini Cat:

Another Art Film from marcy hall on Vimeo.

This second video explores Her Inner Aggression a bit.  In this video, She challenges our view of What is Cute? and What is Sweet?  She shows us a bit of Her Dark Side brought on by things like....well....the Extreme Missing of Her MiniCat!

The Arugula Monster from marcy hall on Vimeo.
Well, we hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. We will certainly post the New Rabbit Production as soon as it figure out what it's doing.

In the meantime, enjoy your Friday and your Subsequent Weekend!!! (Oh and at all costs, avoid "camp!" I really don't think it's that fun!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Billy Collins

Miss Zoe and Her "Be Quiet, I'm Listening to Poetry" Face.

Last night we had the privilege of going to hear a reading by the man who is apparently Our Nation's most famous poet, Billy Collins.

Every year, nearby Gannon University in downtown Erie (I say nearby not in a neighboring town kind of way but in a 2 miles away kind of way) brings in a rock star poet.  Last year, it was Li Young Li.  In recent years, we've also seen Donald Hall at this event, and the Chick saw Galway Kinnell.

The room was packed for Billy Collins!!  A packed room for a poetry!!!  YAY!!!

And, his reading was amazing:  poignant, funny (VERY funny!), accessible.  He's the kind of poet you can like or love even if you "don't get poetry."  His poetry is gettable.  His dry and almost offhanded sense of humor reminded me of Bob Newhart (who the Chick adores and I know, sadly, mainly from the movie Elf).

Instead of going on and on, I'm going to post a couple of videos from the reading.

The first is a poem written from the perspective of a dog called:  A Dog on His Master

Billy Collins: A Dog on His Master from marcy hall on Vimeo.

The second was one of the funniest poems he read, entitled:  Oh, My God

Billy Collins: Oh, My God from marcy hall on Vimeo.

If you liked these readings, I would encourage you to seek out more!  Even go on YouTube and search Billy Collins.  There are some Great Poems there, and hearing him read his own work is part of the fun!

Monday, April 19, 2010

You're Going Where?

You're Going WHERE???

So, I haven't said anything about this yet, but about three or so weeks ago, I found out that a trip to Italy was in my future.

My very near future.  Very near.   Like, as in, this Fall.

I know that Zoe is not pleased.  She is perhaps "glad for my opportunity"....but....well, you know.   She's pretty sure that looking at pictures of Italy is enough. 

This is the scoop:  My Mom and my Aunt were going to Italy with two friends.  One friend canceled, and I suddenly became the new friend because when asked if he wanted to go, my father said, "Ummmmmmm......No."

OK!  I'll go!  Twist my arm!!!!

The itinerary begins with 3 nights in Milan, and then a trip to Tuscany to stay in a villa just south of Florence for the following two weeks. 

Do you think the villa allows Rabbits?

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but, even without a Rabbit, this trip sounds pretty Dreamy.  

Dreamy = Tuscany during Wine Season.

Zoe may have Her back to me for the rest of the year, though.  Can I handle that?

At least the back part is Cute.


Oh, and then there's this Rabbit, too.
Oh, dear.  I'm not sure there's any hope for me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flip Friday

Here we are again.  We've arrived at Flip Friday.

It's a relief to know we've made it through to another day where Rabbit Movies Abound!

It's a relief to know that we even live in a world where Rabbit Movies are possible.

And, of course, it's a relief to know that there are Rabbits in the world who are Willing to let us see their Majesty up close and personal.

Rabbits like Miss Zoe.

In this week's movie, She lets you in on an intimate scene.

The setting:  Zoe's Hay Box.

The drama:  The Minicat thinks he's all that.

Let's take a looksie:

The Infiltrator from marcy hall on Vimeo.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Run for your lives! It's.....


Let me explain.

I'm not feeling very well, today.  I haven't been feeling well since Monday.

So, when I came home on Monday and saw what had come in the mail, I was SUPER EXCITED!!  It made a whole day of work and feeling yucky totally fade away. 

"What could do that?"  you are asking yourself right now.

Would you be not-so-very surprised to learn that what could make me feel better was...RABBIT RELATED?

In fact, this item was pretty much the whole reason I wanted to get a cell phone, which we finally did about 2 months ago.  It was because I wanted this Gadget Cozy made by Noreen Finn:


 Zoe checks out this new friend...

 Zombie Bunny's Cute Tail

She holds the phone with her faux fur innards!

We are lucky enough to have Noreen living here in Erie.  In fact, she is an Amazing Painter (you can also view a few of said Amazing Paintings on this link), and that's how I first knew of her.  She had a show at a local gallery and we happened to pick up the postcard advert, which stayed on our refrigerator for many years. 

Zombie Bunny is just one of many different designs she has available.  She is pretty willing to try anything, too.

For the love of Zoe and Blueberry, doesn't your phone, ipod, or other gadgety gadget NEEEEEEEED THIS COZY???

I'm pretty sure it does.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Arts n Drafts Comes to an End, a Fact of Which The Rabbits Approve

This past weekend, as we all know, The Rabbits did not get enough Attention.

This was due to the fact that Arts n Drafts was going on here, an event that lasted from last Wednesday night until Saturday, just two days ago.

Here is a picture of the beautiful venue, the Brewerie:

And, below is my Wall of Stuff:

It went very well!! We ended up selling at least half of the paintings, which was very exciting!! Zoe was pleased with that. She worked so hard on these paintings that I wanted Her to be Pleased.

I'll pick up the paintings that didn't sell on Tuesday and we'll load them up here for all of Zoe's fans in case someone might be interested in one. (A Note: the paintings do not contain actual beer. I wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed!)

Needless to say, after all that excitement, and after being gone so much for the event, we are all a little worn out.

Blueberry is ready for a Nap!!

And, Zoe would like that
Apology Willow Ball
to be a little Closer...

There-- that's better.

Ah, time to go back to work for a little rest!

What did you do for FUN this weekend??

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stupid Humans Try to Redeem Themselves

I know there's no way we can redeem ourselves. Not really.

The humans in this house apologize for being busy these past few weeks. Busy-ness has COMPLETELY disrupted the Rabbit Video schedule. It has also interrupted and otherwise hindered General Rabbit Time.

That's the saddest part.

Those of you out there who are fortunate enough to live with Rabbits know the sadness that comes with being shunned by your Beloved Bunny. Shunned, I say.

When I don't get enough time with Zoe, she will often turn Her back to me when i enter the room. I'll lay down on the floor for my hugs and kisses, and...well...She just hops away.


In today's movie, the Rabbit Grouchiness is palpable. Just watch how the Rabbits seem to say, "Well, yes, you can film us, but you'll have to sit behind us. We're not actually going to look at you."

Salad Tails from marcy hall on Vimeo.

(In other news, Arts n Drafts is going well. Full Report coming soon!)

Friday, April 9, 2010


Zoe here.

This picture of me is how I am feeling right now -- just totally frustrated to the point of exhaustion. My mothers, who as you know are also my agents/producers/directors/slaves, are just such pains in my cute bottom.

I mean, there was all this talk of the internet being out, calling in a tech, blah, blah, blah, other sentences inserted here.

I had to stop listening because they weren't talking about me and all I really want to know is how does this affect my films and my fans.

My fans! You! You have expectations, for goodness sake, and lately, I am acutely aware that my mothers are not fulfilling said expectations. At least not in a timely manner.

I may have to put an ad in the paper or something.

Wanted: New, responsible mothers needed by Beautiful and Important Rabbit whose fame-osity depends upon said mothers having a minimum of wit and know-how.

But alas, I kinda like these mothers. But don't tell them. They'll only slack off more if they know there are no consequences.

I mean, look what they leave in my room!

P.S. Hopefully my most recent masterpiece, which is complete, will be up some time on Saturday. There is talk of a "router" and walking somewhere. Whatev. Just get to it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy like a Bunny!

This may be a substandard post.

I'm warning you ahead of time.

That's because the Rabbit Room is a Busy Place this week.

And, the Rabbit Room is a Busy Place this week because this is the week of Erie's Arts and Drafts Fest at the Brewerie in downtown Erie. The Brewerie is a lovely local brewpub housed in the old Erie train station.

And the reason this is an issue for those of you reading is that Zoe and I (and even Blueberry to some extent) have been working hard on art to be displayed at this fun Fest instead of putting time into our Blog.

Of course, Zoe won't attend this event herself-- She will simply send me as Her representative. She does not wish to be touched by the general public. Can you blame Her?

Anyhow, for your amusement, and for those of you who are not lucky enough to live int he fine city of Erie, PA, and therefore, sadly cannot attend the event, here are a few pictures of some of the things I'll have on display:

For those of you who do live in Erie, Art N Drafts will be Wednesday night April 7- Saturday night April 10 at the Brewerie. Please come and visit me as I sit (GASP!!!) Rabbitless amongst my art!

And, I guess if I add one more picture, this post won't be substandard at all:

OK, there.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


We interrupt your regular programming to bring you this special report.

from Zoe and Blueberry HQ--
it's the Easter Bunny Report!!

What's the Report, Girls?
(They are indicating that you look for yourself)


It took awhile for The Bunny to show up today. You can see no colored eggs. No basket. No chocolate whatnot. Just a worn out Rabbit looking for a little down time and an escape from the paparazzi.

It just shows you the clout that Certain Rabbits have to attract the Big Guns, doesn't it?

There you have it!! The Easter Bunny Special Report!

Thanks for tuning in.

We now return you to your regular festivities.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Flip (Good) Friday

For today, we have a video that shows the Lilypad's Star Rabbits, Miss Zoe and Miss Blueberry preparing for Easter.

I said to The Rabbits this morning, "OK, Girls, show everyone how you prepare for Easter. Let me see some of your Most Rabbity Moves!"

They sat.

They stared.

Now, I'm not saying the Rabbits are at all boring. In fact, I think Rabbits are the Opposite of Boring, whatever that would be.


But, sometimes, their acting is...well...not that dynamic.

Or, is it that they are practicing their "looks."

Sometimes, their look of "Preparation and Anticipation" looks a lot like...sleepiness.

Blueberry stepped up Her game when the Mini Cat wandered in. With some coaxing, she threw a toy at me for getting in her way.

Zoe, however is determined to rest. She is "conserving energy" as the cats call it.

OK, whatever, Miss Zoe.

Without further delay, then, I give you "Rabbits Prepare for Easter."

Rabbits Prepare for Easter from marcy hall on Vimeo.