Monday, September 7, 2009

A Kite Meditation

Here in Erie, PA, today is a holiday.

Labor Day, that is.

"But, what does that mean to me?" asked Zoe the Rabbit. "Rabbits don't work."

"Well," I responded, scratching her fuzzy little nose, "what do Rabbits do that you would like to talk about, then?"

"Hmmmm...." Miss Zoe thought to herself.

After a few minutes, she said, "Rabbit's Relax. I would like this to be a Relaxing sort of day."

And, really, being as most all of us have the day off from work due to the holiday that is Labor Day, it is more of a Relaxing Day.

In honor of Zoe's Relaxing Day, then, we would like to share a video. I know. It's another uncustomary video.

First, Cinematic Saturday,and now this???

Bear with us. I think you'll like it.

Over this weekend, the Blisschick and I spent some time at Presque Isle State Park. And one of the things we enjoyed most was visiting the beach Erieites call "the Kite Beach."

Behold! The Kite Beach:

Kite Meditation from marcy hall on Vimeo.

A good way to Relax, don't you think?

Spend some time today relaxing like a rabbit. You'll be glad you did.


Emma said...

When I visit Erie, I want to go to Kite Beach. :)

Anna said...

that was very relaxing and looks like a lot of fun too :-)

Linnea said...

Loved the (was it a long kite or group of kites) that looked like a kite-group of synchronized swimmers. Loved that you captured the unbridled joy of that dog, too. A nice way to ease into this holiday morning -- thanks!

Melita said...

that was awesome. i loved all of the different types of kites. the ones with the little streamers almost sounded like rain. glad you guys had a wonderful day :) enjoy your labor day together.

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays! I love the movie, although I do wonder if Miss Zoe approves? I mean that doggie looks way more excited than he does relaxed!

Kavindra said...

Well, that was an ok video, except, there wasn't any rabbits. Not even a rabbit shaped kite! What is this world coming to? Mammals, mammals, and by that, don't we really just mean rabbits?

Lisa said...


This is AMAZING!

Thank you for capturing such beauty and sharing it with us!

The part where the one kite 'wakes up' and then takes off is completely breathtaking. It sent my spirit soaring.

And yes, the dog...what a great lesson for us to live our bliss in the moment. Huh? He was soooo happy and completely absorbed in just that one thing. A perfect example!

Thanks again for using your own unique voice and talents (as well as channeling those of your furries) to bless our days :-)

WrightStuff said...

You have to feel for that dog - he was so desperate to 'fetch' that kite! Looked such fun!

Altogether now... "let's go fly a kite.. up in the air so bright..."

Heather Plett said...

Very cool! I want to visit Kite Beach!

Grammy said...

I love the art work you did for Kavindra. I just stopped by to she more. What a surprise. I love Lake Erie. My real dad lived in Loraine. And I have 2 brothers still in near the area. Have a great day.

Cabrinha Kiteboard said...

Again a good one thank you for posting, I just love your blog, keep impressing your readers with your work!