Sparkle Pond

A few years ago, when we experienced the death of our beloved cat, Ernie, I had this vision of him at a place I called, Sparkle Pond.  It is always and forever perfectly sunny there.  There are trees that hang with toys and paper balls.  Warm rocks to sleep on.  The days are long and lazy, just like cats like them.

The Chick and I started writing about this place, and it seemed to speak to a lot of our readers.

Now we talk about Sparkle Pond all the time.  There is a Rabbit who lives there, and She and the cats get along perfectly, of course.  Even better than when they were in their Fur Suits!  Which is saying a lot.

We've also decided that at Sparkle Pond, the cats, yes, can catch birds and things, but it's all fun and games.  They all giggle afterward and go back to napping or flying peacefully.

Over the last few years, we've sent our Original Six to Sparkle Pond:

Ernie (A.K.A. Mr. BumbleBee)

 Jobie (the most nicknamed cat to ever live:
Mr. Moose, Mr. Grapejuice, Bumby, Sir, El,
Mr. Big Stuff...)

Rosie (A.K.A. The Tasmanian Devil)

Scottie (A.K.A. "F" for F. Scott Fitzgerald)

 Emily (A.K.A. The Lamb)