Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cinematic Saturday

The Management apologizes for the Rabbit Movie/ Flip Friday delay.


As you know, a lot is going on here at the Lilypad. My last post elicited some lovely suggestions for setting myself straight. I will be exploring those options of massage, reiki, shamanistic pursuits, petting animals, exercise, just being outside, etc. over the weeks to come.

Thank you for your Support and your Ideas and your Caring Spirits.

As you may recall, my asking you for help came about (in large part) because-- due to the shortage of Toys and Willow Balls-- Miss Zoe was not so helpful.

She was holding out. And She made that apparent in a blog post a few days back.

Then, the other day, I got home from work, and what was waiting?

A package delivered by Mailman Rick.

"A package from who? For Whom?" you ask.

Who do you think?

It came from an Organization you may (or may not) have heard of:

People Against Rabbit Atrocities?
Have you heard of them?

Also enclosed was this card:

Terrible, Tragic No- Toy Conditions???

I swear, The Rabbit exaggerates.

Nevertheless, we opened this Lovely Box from Kavindra/ Lisa and her Cat Miss Lucy, and what was inside???

Let us show you...

Zoe's Surprise in the Mail from marcy hall on Vimeo.

By the way, Kavindra and Miss Lucy, Zoe's Membership Form and Annual Dues are in the mail.

She'd like to become a card carrying member of any group against Rabbit Atrocities.

Thank you!!!!! We appreciated your Surprise!!!!!!!


Lisa said...



Made me smile big-time!

What great friends you and Miss Zoe have :-)

Sign me up for a membership, too!

Art D. said...

What a lucky bunny!!!
(that should probably be tagged "approving rabbit" instead of the usual)

Linnea said...

How nice of Lisa and Miss Lucy! It's obvious Zoe was in Nom-Nom Heaven over those treats. (Mr. Cash was the perfect touch.)

My daughter now says she NEEDS a rabbit. ;-)

Marcy Hall said...

everyone NEEDS a rabbit!

the question is, does a RABBIT need EVERYONE?

nope. that's the answer. :)

Kavindra said...

Whew. Now that 2 Very Important Things have happened, I can relax and enjoy my weekend.

What were the 2 Very Important Things? Why, Seeing A Rabbit Video, and Knowing That Miss Zoe has A Willow Ball, of course!


Emma said...

Fantasic! Good work, Kavindra and Miss Lucy! =D

karmacoy said...

Too adorable!! i was at work today so I got to watch Zoe!! Yay!