Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sneak Peek

Zoe and I have been working on a little something special.

We'll tell you about it.

In a minute.

Zoe wants the anticipation to build for a minute.

First, she's going to show you a picture of Herself. If you're lucky, She'll share two.

"Why not?" She asks while taking a little bath next to the hay box. "It's what I do. They want to see Me after all."

True. Isn't it?

First, then, are two pictures of what Miss Zoe is currently doing:

A bird's eye view to show off her Lovely Spots!

And a ground shot so you can clearly see
Her annoyance at your impatience.
"Humans!" She scoffs.

As you can see, She is lounging.

That's because of all the hard work she did today!

On, then, to the Sneak Peek.

As you know, we discussed last week the fact that Halloween is on the way. It's an exciting time of year, here at the Lilypad.

In honor of the excitement and to help build up to the holiday, Miss Zoe and I have painted about a dozen Halloween Bunnies. Bunnies in costumes. Bunnies who want to Trick you rather than Treat you.

But you can give Them a Treat.

Of course you can!

(WRITE THIS DOWN!!! Bunnies like carrots and banana chips especially well. And raisins, and kale, and alfalfa, and cherries, and timothy hay, and apples, and romaine lettuce, and herbs, and parsley, and, get the idea.)

Ready? OK!! (Sorry the picture quality is poor. The light is low in the Rabbit Room this morning. But, you'll get the idea i hope.)

Full Body


This is, of course, a Witchy Rabbit, but there are many more bunnies painted on small, wooden, hang-able or sit-able plaques and dressed in different costumes!

There's a SuperBunny!

A BunnyZorro!

A BunnyPirate!!

And Many More!!!!!

The Blisschick is in the process of loading them up into a store, and then they'll all be needing good homes!!

How about it? Will you help a Rabbit in need of a home? It will promise not to eat much.

But, I can't promise These Rabbits will be nice..... You're on your own with that!


Emma said...


I love these! I knew I was going to love them and I was soooo right! ;)

I am totally buying one when I next get paid.

P.S. Zoe, great photos of you. They were like a delicious wine that really perfected the 'meal' of the post. :)

Kavindra said...

Thank goodness! Pictures of Zoe are back. And Tricky Rabbit portraits too. Whew, I was missing my Rabbit fix.

(and yes, I DID write that down!!!)