Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Only a Harvest Moon

Can it really be that the Harvest Moon will appear this Friday?


Well, as I mentioned before, those of us in the Lilypad are actually looking forward to the coming Fall and Winter Seasons. We enjoy the hibernation aspect. We also like the feeling of the school year.

The coming Fall and the Harvest Moon always bring to mind thoughts of Holidays.

In this house, we have many Fall and Winter Holidays-- Cat Birthdays, Blisschick's Birthday, our Anniversary, various other Personal Milestone Holidays, and then of course the usual-- Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Oh, and Veteran's Day.

Wait! Did I forget something? Could it be....


Halloween is a treat (pun intended) in our neighborhood. We get hundreds of kids every year-- superheroes, farm animals, ninjas, witches, as well as about 50 kids wearing the mask from the Scream movies.

And, of course there's always a few adults with baby strollers collecting candy "for the baby" who clearly has no teeth and is asleep in the stroller. Whatever.

Yesterday, I started thinking through what I might be for Halloween. One year I was a Tree. One year I was Winnie the Pooh. Another year, I was a Daisy.

The Daisy really scared some children. That was a surprise. A pleasant surprise.

Miss Emmie walked by the writing room, and I called out to her, "Miss Emmie, what will you be for Halloween this year?"

She considered this for a moment. "A Bloody Halloween Cat Massacre," she responded. "Or, maybe a Princess."

I shrugged. The Cat Massacre wasn't much of a stretch for poor Miss Emmie (whose tail has been following her everywhere lately and sometimes needs to be "disciplined").

Rosie walked by. "Rosie," I asked. "How about you? What will you be for Halloween?"

"That's ridiculous," she said. "I am what I am. A Princess, of course."

I was beginning to sense a theme here.

The Blisschick ran up the stairs chasing Lilly. As they tumbled down the hall, I asked them my question.

"We're going to wear our Pink Feather Boa and our Jewelry Crown this year," said the Blisschick. "Why?" They continued down the hall.

"No reason," I replied. "Just curious." More Princesses.

I turned to Zoe.

"Don't even ask," She said. "I think you know the answer, don't you?"

I did.

5 Princesses. All in one house? What was this-- the Magic Kingdom?

When I asked Scottie, all he could do was roll his eyes. Then, he sneezed and made his way down to the couch for a bath.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to be for Halloween. But I guess there's not much room for another Princess.

Perhaps, I'll just be a Frog.

How about you?


Anna said...

awww love the pictures! This year I will probably dress as a witch as I always do :-)

Emma said...

I love this post!! All those Princesses and...a Frog! =)

I also love autumn and Halloween!! It's time to decorate for autumn here.

Linnea said...

This post made everyone at the Cafe (Mercury) giggle! Here's hoping Miss Emmie doesn't go with the Cat Massacre (why did I keep trying to type "Mascara"?) I think she'd look adorable in a tiara. :-)

Meredith said...

So cute :) I love your kitties. I want to cuddle the first girl... oh, she's so sweet! No cat massacre for Emmie, please.

mrsb said...

I thought your house was a shoe in for at least one Bunnicula!

judiPatootie said...

oh my. i love your kitties! I have 2.. ..they own me