Friday, May 27, 2011

Miss Zoe Presents: RAW!!

On Thursday morning, through the Magic of Facebook, I found out this fact: 

 You are right now in the midst of it.  Are you taken aback?  Shocked, surprised, or otherwise wowed?

I know I was.  I mean as a companion to two Wonderful Rabbits, how could I not be Aware of the fact that I am supposed to be Aware of my Rabbits on this particular week?  I suppose it's possible that I am Aware of Them pretty much all the time, and that I wake up wondering, "What are the Rabbits doing???" and then I rush down the hallway to see.  It is possible that I do that.

So, it's possible that I am already Aware of Rabbits.  It's possible.  It may also be probable.

BUT, that doesn't mean that Rabbits should not have Their Own Week.  It also doesn't mean that the World should not be made aware of Them.  In fact, the World Should Be Rocked By the Power of Rabbits.  Positively Rocked.

Consider yourself made aware.  Aware.  Rabbits want you to Know.

In Celebration of Rabbit Awareness Week (a.k.a. RAW) I thought I would share a couple of Fun Rabbit Facts and also post a video about this Important Topic.  So, here it goes.

-- The largest Rabbit Litter ever recorded had 24 Kittens (Baby Rabbits)!!!

-- A rabbit chews 120 times a minute and has 17,000 tastebuds. That's 7,000 more than humans and 15,000 more than dogs.

-- And, third, though this is not a proven fact and I can find no actual evidence of this right now, so it may not be a fact at all, but something I, myself, made up, I, for some reason, believe that Rabbits have 72 whiskers.  Why do I believe this?   (QUICK!  If you have a Rabbit, count Her/ His whiskers, stat!)

In any case....RABBITS ARE AMAZING!!

Now, Blueberry and Elizabeth Demand that you enjoy this video:

(OK, I couldn't get the video to embed its bad self, so CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!!!!)


Monday, May 23, 2011

Over the Weekend

Happy Monday To All!

Congratulations on your survival of the Rabbit Rapture! If you are reading this, it means that Rabbits deemed you Worthy To Roam the Earth Alongside Them. That means you are AWESOME!

In other news, the Chick and I went for a lovely walk this weekend, and came upon these mysterious scenes in the woods:

Have you ever seen such a thing?  Are these Gnomes some kind of Magic Rabbit Corralers?  What is the deal?

If you have any information on where to hire Gnomes such as these, will you please let me know?  I think we need a couple.

Thank you for any Information you can provide.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Miss Zoe Presents: Flip Friday

Blueberry has been off on this World Tour of Story Times and such.

This, we know.

So, what, you may wonder, has Elizabeth been doing while Her Rabbit Companion is off seeing the world?

It's a legitimate question. And, one We knew you would ask.

Fear not. Your question will be answered! Your curiosity will be sated!

Watch this video and see the story of Elizabeth. She has been....manufacturing something.

Is that what you suspected? Probably not, but remember-- Bunnies are Industrious.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blueberry on Tour: Part Two

Since we were having a bit of trouble loading photos the other day, here are a few more depictions of Blueberry's time at the library last week!  She's such a STAR that She didn't want you to miss any of the action!!

And, coming on Friday.... have you been wondering what Elizabeth has been up to while Blueberry is off working it at storytime?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

BLUEBERRY! The World Tour Continues!

In case you haven't been keeping up, Blueberry has been on a World Tour of late.

Well, maybe not so much....World.

But, definitely a Tour of sorts.

A couple of weeks ago, as you may recall, She came into the Library with me (Big Al was not there!!) to perform at story time.

When I say perform, what I mean is, She sat in all Her Glory and Radiated Warmth and Rabbitness to all Her subjects.  She did this in amongst the activities of a story, a craft (making bunny ear headbands and fluffy tails), and a showing of the movie version of the book, Knuffle Bunny.

Last week, She went to hang out with some of the kids at our Iroquois Avenue Branch Library.  (I was trying to write about it last week, but Blogger was down!)


Blueberry meeting a new friend!!

BLUEBERRY ON TOUR exploring the Library!

And now, it seems that Blogger does not want me to add any more pictures, so I will try again in a day or so, because there are more pictures, and they are cute!!!

Where will Blueberry go next???

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who is Big Al?

(Could Big Al be Tuppy's Alias?  We haven't known him that long after all.... hmmmmm.)

Just as I realized the other day that I had not shared an Anonymous Comment in awhile here on our humble blog, I also realized that it's been a while since I've shared a funny I Work at the Public Library story, too. 

It's hard to keep up with all the weirdish things that happen at a Public Library.  It is amazing sometimes what people will say or do during the hours of a regular workday.  These kinds of stories can really boost your listenership at parties, so keep that in mind-- if you are looking for a job that will make you more popular with your friends, keep your local library in mind.

So, I worked this past Saturday.  Since I am a Manager, of course I am often called to the desk for colorful characters who walk in our doors.  This is why I get paid the big bucks, right?

The particular patron I was called out for was a man who was trying to obtain information about his library fines.  He had been sent to the District Justice by one of our affiliated libraries, and he was confused by this.  I went out and explained it to him and as I was writing down the address and phone number of that particular library for him, I smiled at him, happy that the experience had gone so smoothly. 

"Why did you just smile?  Huh?  What's that smile for?" he shouted. 

"Well," I told him, "I thought this was going to be difficult to explain, and then it wasn't.  I was smiling at you for being understanding and kind about it."

"Oh," he said.  I had disarmed him.  But now, he was sure I looked familiar.

"OH!" he said, smiling now himself, and very biggly so, "I remember you!" 

I looked at him quizzically.

"You used to work in that place over on the eastside, huh, but now you moved up, huh, you moved up.  Good for you.  I mean, before I went to jail, I remembered you from over there."

"Ummmmm.... I think you might have me confused with someone else.  I've only worked here for a long time.  Like 12 years.  And I never worked on the east side.  Nope."

He nodded his head knowingly.  "Uh-huh," he said, actually slapping a hand to his forehead.  "I know you.  I remember you and Big Al!!  How is Big Al, huh?  You still see him around if you go over there to the eastside, you still see him?"

Really?  Was he talking to me?  Most of you haven't seen me a whole lot, but I don't look like someone who knows someone named Big Al.  Unless Big Al is a Rabbit.

"Oh, Big Al," he was off in his own little world now.  "Big Al, he's quite a guy, isn't he.  We was in jail together for some of the same time you know, that's how's I know ya, you know, huh?"

"That must be it," I gave in. 

"Well, thanks for the info," he said taking the piece of paper I handed him to take care of his library fines.  He leaned in a whispered, "And you tell Big Al I said hey next time you see him, won't you, honey?"

"I sure will," I said.  "I sure will."

So, this here is a Shout Out to Big Al.  Whoever you are, wherever you are:  Random Public Library Patron Guy who you served time with in prison?  He says "Hey."

My work is done.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My New Favorite Blog Comment

The other day, on one of my Rabbit Movies, I received the following comment. It made us laugh SO HARD, that Rabbits and I thought we should share it.

I will pare it down a bit it to give you the best parts and sentences. The entire comment was pretty long. Blueberry posited that perhaps it was actually written in a Secret Flashlight Language. Elizabeth simply thought it was weird.  Too bad it was from Anonymous.  Why wouldn't someone take credit for this gem??  It is sort of like Mad Libs gone horribly awry. 

OK, here you go:

Anyone and person should own at least one LED flashlight. More than one, even. You decidedly demand one in every household in instance of a blackout. How would you be navigating your way about the power whomp or unbroken short of the concern to ascertain out if it's just your clan facing this climax or if your neighbors are in the condition too?  Another conspicuous use circumstance of an LED flashlight is while you're traveling.  As well, shining the bright LED flashlight force be clever to take in people's attention to come to your release, wherever you are (unless you're beneath freely, at which your LED flashlight as likely as not won't be functioning).

So why an LED flashlight and not inseparable of those ordinary torch lights? Well, it is known to matrix you manner longer than the flashlights of the past.

Even my husband is gleeful payment me that I don't barely against as a service to clothes, but be sure how to allow such beneficial tools afar the internet! It's avenue more opportune, and you don't enjoy to be super savvy to know how to do it. After buying this LED flashlight, I rhythmical bought some birthday gifts against friends. The gifts are mostly hard-headed things that they can press into service, and I also bought another LED flashlight for my mommy who quiet uses candles during a power outage.

The LED flashlight I bought allows me to choose from three modes. There's anticyclone, scant, and strobe. High is in the service of when I beggary plenty of light, like during a blackout, for instance. Switching it to squat enables me to protect batteries or when I don't call too much light, like when I emergency to see the gas meter, for instance. Strobe is for when I need some rescuer's attention or to disorient an busybody or barbaric animal.

Combination Busybody/ Barbaric Animal
A Simple Barbaric Animal
(If only you had an LED Flashlight right now, eh??  STROBE!!!)

Just pattern month I was stuck in a jammed elevator and pal was I glad to be suffering with my trusty LED flashlight with me so I didn't bleed for so scared. 

We in the Rabbit Room hope you learned Something Very Important from this Message.  We know we did.  As God is our witness, we will never "bleed for so scared again!"

Also, up until this point, I am not sure what it is I've been doing during Power Whomps, either, do you?

Well, those days are behind us now.  We will now "matrix our manner longer," now won't we?

All Hail the Flashlight!