Monday, September 14, 2009

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

"We," of course, in the royal sense of the word.

Zoe here.

I have to do all the work, as usual.

You see, this house has been more like some sort of sanatorium than an actual home filled with fun and creativity.

First, the Blisschick, or as I call her "Secondary Mama," got taken down by some gross, personality sucking bug.

And as expected, Primary Mama has followed suit.

I think I hear her downstairs hacking up internal organs while watching The Incredibles, which is a pretty good movie considering there are no rabbits.

You must be concerned about me. I would think that would be what is weighing on your mind.

I am fine. Rabbits do not get human bugs.

More importantly, my salad and hay supply has not been interrupted at all. Though, I am not being Admired nearly enough.

That is how YOU could help! YOU could send some admiration my way! Yes! Just think or talk about how pretty and soft and sweet and smart I am! That should help a lot!

Thank you.


And if you feel like it, you could send some healing thoughts to my Primary Mama, but do not let that get in the way of the Real Work. Priorities, you know.


Kavindra said...

But Zoe! I already think and talk about how pretty and soft and wonderful and witty and charming and wise you are every single day!

OK, I will try to step up the long distance admiration some, but I hope I don't get hoarse from all this praising :)

Now go snuggle up next to your Mama ... there's nothing more healing than A Perfect Rabbit's Love.

Linnea said...

O Great Zoe,

I bow before your beauty, your softness, your sweetness, your intellect. You are, indeed, Queen Among Rabbits.

I believe that these divine qualities could help Primary Mama with overcoming the internal-organ-hacking affliction with utmost speed (in other words, go snuggle Mommy)!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zoe, I want you to know that every time one of your photos gets posted, I admire you. Especially the beautiful rabbit fur markings down your back and your lovely velvety ears.

Incredibles is a good movie but hey, its nothing compared to rabbit love. And you know anything you do for her right now, she'll repay to you in spades.

I'm sure she'd rather be admiring you!

Emma said...
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Emma said...

Wow, my last comment was a fail! Probably I was too overwhelmed by my feelings of rabbit admiration.

Zoe - you rock!

Marcy - get well!