Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Italy: Milan to Florence

The Chick here.

As you know, Marcy and the group are now in their Villa in Tuscany (link will take you to a site that has villas that look just like what she is staying in -- pool included).

Monday was spent driving hilly, curvy, narrow roads and stopping in small towns between the Villa and Siena.  OH!  Which is that town in which they have those rather famous horse races and do all that fun (but dangerous) flag stuff!

"Everything looks like a photo," Marcy said to me in an email.  That email came to me via her Aunt's blackberry, which seems to be the only cooperating mobile device they have.  And thank goodness for it or we wouldn't be getting any updates except a very occasional phone call!

Alas, she is unable to upload and send us photos with that Blackberry, which is why we got her an iPad...which is not working in Tuscany.  Sigh.

Here is a photo of a candle area in front of a Mary in the Milan Cathedral:

And here is a close-up of the candle she lit for Moi, being the sweet animal she is.

Today, they drove to Florence and she text/emailed me from here.

Who the heck knows what they are up to in the coming days.  When she left, we thought that their trip had been rather...planned, but alas, it has not been -- so it's truly an Adventure!

Stay tuned for more and on Friday (hopefully) a little announcement.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sacred Sites & Pizza

The Chick here.

A tiny update on Marcy's Italian Adventure: they are currently in their villa in Tuscany.  They took a day of rest on Sunday.  Marcy wrote to me about sitting in an Olive grove and writing in her journal.  She is taking a million photos and can't wait to share them, but we are having a pretty difficult time with communication.  Italy is hilly, advanced, and secure.

Here are some shots from her first day in Milan.  She visited Duomo di Milano, where she lit a candle for this Catholic Yogini Chick in front of a gorgeous Mary portrait (saving that for later):

Here she is showing off her tired, jet-laggyness:

And finally, her first REAL pizza!


My favorite part of this is not the juxtaposition of the beautiful Italian pizza and the American coke (though I like that), but the juxtaposition of said items and the white linens.  Makes me smile.

(Note: Blueberry wanted to write this post, but I thought it best to give all our ears a rest from her prolific profanity usage.  I mean, really, there's no way to stop her once she gets started.)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Milano Espresso

Marcy's first espresso in Italy.  The first of many...

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Whats?

Blueberry here again.  First, I still have not seen hide nor hair (pun!) of Zoe...

Second, Mama #1, the one who Deserted Us (or I should say, "Me") on Tuesday, had a horrible travel day (with which I had nothing to do whatsoever...cough).

Speaking of Mama #1, what is with Mama #2...I mean, I don't think that's a very...nice name.  It's a bit...potty, wouldn't you say?

But I digress.

Mama #1 had a horrible travel day with all sorts of diverted planes and missed planes and simply plain planes (come on! no wi-fi except in first class!?!? who ARE these people that run airlines?!).

Yet she managed to send us some photos over which we are meant to fawn, I suppose.

Here is a picture of, I think she said "Alps," which just sorta sounds like some dog food, and as a flat-lander, Great Lakes sort of Rabbit, who prefers a lot green stuff, I am not impressed, but oh, well, excuse my yawning!

She got this shot from inside that very plain plane.  She must have been rather bored and there must not have been any Rabbits anywhere!  As I am known to say: What the!?!?