Monday, June 27, 2011

A Short Hiatus

You may have been wondering lately what these Rabbits and I have been up to.  Our posting has not been very regular for months, we've missed Flip Fridays...everything has just been...OFF!

Well, that has a lot to do with the fact that it is Summer.  And this Summer, as we have all Fresh Animals and no one who is sick or sickly to care for, the Chick and I have gotten back to being outside playing the yard, tiptoeing through the tulips,  and frolicking in the sunshine.

This is great for the yard!

It is not as great for this blog.

The other thing that is going on is that I have gotten back to writing and am working on a novel.  You see Summer, besides being Yard Time, is Writing Time for me.

Writing a novel is great!

But again, it is not so great for this blog.

SO.....the Girls and I have decided to take a wee Sabbatical.  A Hiatus.  A Blogcation.

It may be for about a month.  It may be a tiny bit longer.  We will return when The Time Is Right.

Until that day comes.....





(oh, that one actually makes....sense-- be careful with that one.)

Well, you get the idea.

We will be back.

Peace and Love from the Rabbit Room.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miss Zoe Presents: Flip Friday

It is FRIDAY!  And, as promised, there will be a Rabbit Movie.

I wanted to post movies of both Rabbits today in honor of....well....Rabbits.  Just Because Rabbits are Rabbits.  (I think we all know what that means.)

But, Miss Elizabeth is a wee bit camera shy still after Her surgery, so instead, we simply photographed Her and we will leave the movie until next week.

 Look closely and you can see a Cute and Shavened Belly!!!

Blueberry, however is not at all camera shy today, and so, here is this week's Rabbit Movie, starring....



Monday, June 13, 2011


Thank you to all who sent good thoughts and prayers to Miss Elizabeth last week!!

She is doing fabulously!  She was a little out of it for a day or so, but now She seems to feel pretty much back to Her old (young) self.  The Doctor who did her surgery said it couldn't have gone better and he couldn't have been more pleased!  Thank you to Dr. Jung at Animal Ark Pet Hospital for the Amazing caring you have for Bunnies.  She got to come home the evening She had Her surgery. 

Of course, Elizabeth is not completely Better with a Capital B, but She is better and is taking wonderful care of Herself.  She knows just how to help Herself to convalesce.  She is a little grouchy, i think, at having been sliced open with a laser.  I tried to explain to Her that it's like She was abducted by aliens and maybe they sliced Her open to install a Special Microchip that will give Her super powers.  I said, at least, maybe that is sort of a cool story to tell Her friends.

She told Blueberry She was abducted by aliens.

Then, She told Toby.

I got exasperated looks from all three of them.  Then Blueberry pointed out that Elizabeth doesn't need a special microchip to give Her super powers because.....SHE IS ALREADY A RABBIT!!!

I guess I deserved that.

 Love Bunny, Elizabeth, home and in Her safe corner spot!
She thanks YOU for your good thoughts and prayers!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Flip Friday: Postponed!

I realized lately that I haven't posted a Bunny Movie in a couple of weeks.


I do have footage for a couple of Great Movies. Last weekend, though, we were preparing to go to Chautauqua.

And today?  Today, Elizabeth is headed to the doctor for.....the surgery.  Her hysterectomy.

She is bouncing around this morning with no idea what is in store for Her.  If you see her, please don't tell Her, OK?

Just send good thoughts for a safe return to the Rabbit Room later today.

Thank you.

Great Bunny Movie to come!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Night with Zoe Keating

On Monday night, The Chick and a couple of our friends went to the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland to hear Something Amazing. Well, more specifically, Someone Amazing.

Zoe Keating.

If you've never heard Zoe Keating before, you really need to right now.  The way she plays sounds like a million cellos because she uses a computer to record tracks as she plays.  Some tracks she saves and plays back later in the piece, and others, she uses right away as sound loops that she layers into an extremely full sound.  It is like Sound Cake with lots of layers!! 

First, I'm going to post this video of Zoe playing her song called "The Optimist."

I know, right?

Now, watch this video in which she tells you a bit about the song you just heard. In this video, she speaks about the different layers of "The Optimist" and what they mean:

To read more about the concert, check out today's Blisschick if you haven't already.

There aren't really any words to describe such an experience.  You know when you are attending a concert like that, that you are having a communal enlightening experience.  There aren't really adequate words for that.  So, instead, I thought I'd share some of my pictures from the night.

The Adorable Neighborhood Where the Ballroom Resides (too bad, as traveling companion Sarah said, "Monday is the new Sunday."  Nothing was open!)

Well, I'm not sure either, but I had to take a picture, right?

A Squirrel we met that somehow resembled a turkey...

Inside the Beachland.  Empty Stage Pre-performance shot.

Zoe getting her computer set up.  I liked this shot.

Speaking to the crowd.  I like this one cause you can really see her rocking tights.

End of the concert.  WOW!!!!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Post Concert Empty Stage.  Cello is at Rest.

Cello, napping.

Good Night, Beachland.  Good Night, Cleveland! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Weekend


What a superfun weekend.

The Chick will write about this, too, no doubt, but I thought I would mention what we did because it was so fun!

This weekend, we had the opportunity to go to Chautauqua Institute to hang out.  It was a really cool thing that the Chick (plus one, which was me!!) was invited to.  A blogger Symposium.  And, while she was in programs and learning things, I was able to walk around and take some pictures.  That was delightful!

In case you don't know about Chautauqua Institute, you really should check out their website.  If you live close enough to go there, it is well worth a trip to see a lecture or a concert or to just walk around the grounds.  It is one of those places in the U.S. where you can actually FEEL history, if you know what I mean.

Like, there is a park we often go to when we visit Chautauqua called Grant Park.  So, when the Chick was in a learny seminar thingie, I went for a walk and happened to stand on a little round piece of concrete, like a platform sort of, in the park.  Later on a tour, we learned it is called Grant Park because....ULYSSES S. GRANT came to Chautauqua and stood there to speak when he was the President of the United States.  I was like, WOW.

Lots of other famous people have been there, too, including Thomas Edison, Teddy Roosevelt, a few other U.S. Presidents, and, as our tour guide put it, President Wannabes.

Of course, President Blueberry has not ventured there.  The place might explode with that kind of Celebrity on the Grounds.

 President Blueberry!

Anyhow, here are some of the pictures I took.  My camera battery died about 12 pictures in (SIGH!!!) but the Chick will post beautiful pics, I'm sure.  Enjoy!

Crusty and Rusty boat thing-a-ma-jig

The Athenaeum Hotel (where we stayed)

A side eye view of the porch on the Athenaeum Hotel

A bridge.  DUH.

A really pretty house.  But then, they are all really pretty.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back to Work

It just so happened that over this Memorial Day Weekend, I was able to take a few days off to spend time at home in the Lilypad.  It was delightful!

Now I am back to work at the Library.  Unfortunately, there are no Rabbits there (on a regular basis, that is).

While I was home, I spent time working on quite a few projects.  One project was to make some paintings for our Favorite Local Free Range Cat Shelter, Orphan Angels.  They just moved into a brand new facility, so if you are local to Erie, PA, you need to check it out!!

One Very Exciting Thing about their new location is that they can buy the building, which is awesome.  In an effort to help raise some money for this purpose, Blueberry and Elizabeth and All the Cats and I have been working on some paintings to hang in their new space.  All proceeds from any sales will go directly to support this Awesome New Cat House!!

We call it "The Meow Translation Series."
You've always wondered what your cat was saying, right?  Well, let us help you with that:

(play with me)
30 inches by 24 inches
$130 USD (plus $20 for shipping)

(turn on the water)
24 inches by 36 inches
$150 USD (Plus $20 for shipping)

(i love you)
16 inches by 20 inches
$80 USD (plus $15 for shipping)

There are a few more paintings in the Meow Series already painted and many more to come!  

DO YOU think YOUR cat has something to say?  SUBMIT YOUR OWN CAT by sending me an email with a picture and your translation of his or her meow.  No fair letting your cat help!

Let YOUR CAT help Orphan Angels raise money to buy their building!!