Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday: A Beginning and an End

Is Monday the beginning of the week or the end of the weekend?

Zoe and I can't decide.

We had a nice weekend, packed with activities and FUN. Plus some staying home to just pet Animals and have good conversations.

It all started on Thursday night with a visit to our local brewery called Brewerie for the bi-annual Arts and Drafts, which Zoe and I decided we are going to participate in this coming Spring.

Arts and Drafts consists of Art, Music, and Beer. How can you go wrong? You really can't.

Local artists hang their work in one part of the building, which coincidentally, is the old train station and a gorgeous building, and on the other side of the bar, some of our most wonderful local musicians played. Of course, the Heliotropes played, but also my friend MusicMiles (formerly known in this blog as HealthCoach) and his friend, Brad. I took some pretty substandard video of them playing, which you may get to see on Flip Friday this week if I can put it all together.

MusicMiles playing a shaker thingie.
Oh, and looking Super Cool.

On Saturday, the Blisschick and I went to see a movie-- Julie and Julia. We found it to be delightful! Funny, interesting, and a good story. Perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Saturday night was spent hanging out with more good friends and included a dip in a hot tub as well as a very cute poodle.

Now, I know you're wondering-- with all this running around, were the Cats and the Rabbit really getting enough Attention?

Well, that was our question, too. Which is precisely why we were glad to stay home on Sunday and do a bit of Resting and Creating.

Sunday held its own excitement, though, in the form of interviews. There was this interview of the Blisschick and me, which we wrote together.

Then, there was the Blisschick's interview on Dirty footprints Studio BlogTalk Radio with Connie and Andrea about their Creative Dig Workshop. That's coming up soon, but there's still time to register.

Zoe said it's all too much. She doesn't care if Monday is the Beginning or the End of the Week.

She just wants more attention.


miles said...

HA - the same thought about monday entered my mind just before reading today's blog marcy!

and - i'm really excited to hear you're going to display some of your amazing work :)

melly said...

marcy, it was great to have you two join in on the 'love & a photo" series. this sounds hokey but who cares: I love your story. makes me want a partner like who you found in each other. i feel really lucky i got to read about how the love grew and you have great sense-of-humor! *wink*

blessings & love to you both.

Emma said...

Cool! (About Brewerie this year and next, I mean.)

Sounds like a lovely weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Passing on a message from my Miss Cleo (the cat) - she totally agrees with Miss Zoe... there's never quite enough attention for the animals of the house!