Monday, November 30, 2009

A Few Words From Miss Zoe

Today's post brought to you by....

MISS ZOE!!!!!!!

As a rabbit, I tend to leave chores (like the writing of the blog) to, shall we say, lesser beings.


Today, however, I was roped into writing by a mother who said since she was busy cleaning my litter boxes, that I had to think of something to write.

"Oh, really??" I said. "Is this what it's come to, then? Blackmail?? Humph!"

I do want clean litter boxes, though, and so even though I am really in charge around here, and even though I don't normally do these sorts of things, I figured that I would help out, so to speak. Just this once. Well, maybe again sometime. Just don't think this will be a regular occurrence.

I mean, check the top of the blog. It reads: "Special Guest, Miss Zoe," not "Rabbit, Slave to Random Human Whims," or "Bunny Who Does Whatever She's Told To Do."

That's just not the case here.

I'm doing this because I want clean boxes and I'm much too Small and Important to do that chore. Certainly. And again, I say, "Humph!!"

The chore of Writing is much more suited to a Rabbit of such Delicate Constitution.

On this Monday, then, the day of the week most of the world seems to have it in for, on this Monday, I thought I would take some time to remind you of my Great Wisdomosity.

Today's Great Wisdomosity was inspired by a new
website we found over the weekend called House Rabbit Community.

On this Monday, I'd like to share a video from this marvelous website. Your normally Mundane Monday, will now be turned into.... POOF!! MAGICAL MONDAY!!!

How is that you ask?

Realize this One, Important Fact:

(Click on this to see how life is a bunny!)

Life is a Bunny. Bunny is Life. It's a beautiful circle, yes?

Until next time, I will leave you with my own Bunny Sighting. This photo is in no way manipulated and is definitely

See? NOT ME!!!

I have no idea how these kind of things happen. Nature is a crazy thing.


Emma said...

Miss Zoe,

I'm glad you decided to apply your paws to the keys of a humble keyboard and share some thoughts with us today!

I never realized before just how much of life is bunnies. Things are looking a lot clearer now.


P.S. I wonder who that odd rabbit you spotted could have been!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Miss Zoe shares Wisdomosity. Human cleans poopy box. Seems about right to me!

JFKlaver said...

Oh, Miss Zoe, you are SO wise. Love those bunny ears. :))

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd mention a blog of note to Miss Zoe. It is about Bunnies! (Okay, a few other things too, but still!)I haven't read much of it myself yet. Rushed over here to tell you about it.

StorytellERdoc said...

Miss Zoe

You are so funny and wise. Even moreso than your Mommy, and I KNOW that she is a funny lady!

Marcy Hall said...

wish-- thank you for the blog suggestion! miss zoe is always wanting to link up with other bunnies. :)