Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dream a Fifth Dream

We're halfway through the list of ten dreams!!

Here we are at Number 5 already!! Wow!!

So far, we've had a Cat Looking at Coffee.

We've had Me Kicking the Wall while Playing Dream Kickball and Breaking My Freaking Toe.

We've had Waylon Jennings Birthday.

Last week? The ever-popular Elephant Panda Dog (I will paint him eventually, by the way)

"So, what's it going to be this week? Sigh!"

OK, Zoe, I know. All this dream stuff takes away from you. We'll be done with it soon enough. I promise.

Up this week is a dream I had about marching band.

Raise your hands out there!!! Who was in marching band??? YAY!! Go you!!

What did you play? For me, it was the Alto Sax.

A side note: I was not a total band geek in high school. Sure, it's true. I was in marching band, concert band, pep band, and choir. BUT, I also played basketball, ran track, and played a fair amount of softball. Of course I warmed the bench a lot, but that's what happens when you're a little short, you know?

Here's the dream.
"Yes, please get on with it."

I am on a football field. I am alone, on the field, marching my routine and playing my sax. I think to myself, "Well, it IS a little weird that I'm the only one out here, but, I guess it's OK since that's just what is happeneing. Whatever." I just keep on marching.

(I know, I know. I'm a good little Band Geek.)

Suddenly, from above me, I hear music. I look up and there is the rest of the marching band spread out amongst about 6 hot air balloons. They are just leisurely floating down from the sky (while I'm doing all the work, I might add!).

The hot air balloons land in precisely the right locations for the routine. The balloon baskets open and instrumentalists march out (like clowns out of a clown car-- in this sort of never-ending stream that leaves you wondering how they all fit in there in the first place!). They all march out into PERFECT FORMATION!!! And they continue the routine as if nothing were weird about this at all.

That's all. No major anxiety. I wasn't naked. I didn't forget my locker combination or lose my shoes or forget to grab my algebra book or miss my bus. Nope. The marching band just came out of the sky and then marched the routine.

Maybe that was the routine? It would be kind of cool.

I mean, if you were a Major Band Geek who would think up such a routine.

Which, of course, I am NOT!

OK, who am I kidding? Maybe I am. But, I'm not the only one.

Let me see that show of hands again....


Emma said...

Marcy, allow me to present you with The Band Geek of the Month trophy!

Kavindra said...

Dr Kavindra is back from her trip to Vienna, where she was presenting her revolutionary paper on the healing power of Vain Rabbits and Lazy Cats on Humans with Neurosis. She is very sorry to have missed the Elephant Panda Dog dream! It would have made for quite a discussion among her colleagues!

Dr Kavindra did NOT have her hand up .... she tried out for various things ... she was allowed in Glee Club, but only if she promised only to mouth the words, and not actually sing. When she went out for Majorette, there was a sad incident with a baton which scarred Dr Kavindra for life, and left her quite interested in Neurosis!

Meanwhile, Dr Kavindra has studied your dreams carefully, especially the last two, and has a very Official Diagnosis for you. Are you ready? Are you sitting down?

Dr Kavindra pronounces you ....

Oh, and your Vain Rabbit too ...

Now, when you paint the Elephant Panda Dog, I think he should be in band uniform, coming out of his balloon.

Linnea said...

Sounds like an abundance dream to me.

While you're painting, how about a Solstice Bunny? (These are the weird things that randomly show up in my mind.)

My son is a proud band geek, as is my nephew. They say "huzzah!" (Well, my son does, and I'm sure my nephew would too were he with us this evening!)

Marcy Hall said...

emma-- no comment!

dr. kavindra-- as always, thank you for your keen insights, though zoe is considering taking umbrage to the adjective "vain." she can't decide if it's a compliment or not. :) we are both sorry to hear about the baton incident!!

and, linnea-- huzzah! to my fellow band geeks. i think you're right about the abundance thing.

Anonymous said...