Monday, November 9, 2009

A Sunny Sunday

It's Monday.


What a beautiful weekend it was here in Erie, Pennsylvania!!

Saturday, I had to work, but on Sunday, the Chick and I spent a lot of the day in the yard.

What was that, Zoe?

I know. Don't worry. I'm going to show them.

Miss Zoe wants me to get to the pictures. She was quite excited about this new insect She discovered who likes to hop as much as She does!!

(Don't tell Her that this may already be a known insect, OK? She likes to know. The One Who Knows Things.)

Yes, yes, Zoe, I'm showing them!

Oh, my! What could it be?

Some sort of insect in the grass who likes hopping!

What a discovery!

Wow, Zoe!!! (Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

We discovered that little guy while we were outside sipping espresso on Sunday morning. That was a lovely start to the day.

Before the yard work began, A Certain Rabbit Task Master demanded that I work on my novel a bit. NaNoWriMo calls!! Today we answered with about 4000 words. Whew!

The Rabbit Task Master lays out Her plan for the book.

Many espressos later, and after a lovely lunch, it was time to venture outside to the wide world of yard work. It was so nice that mowing the lawn, cleaning off the back porch, reorganizing the tool sheds, and lugging around half a dozen 4000 lb. bags of mulch was actually a lot of fun.

Miss Lilly supervised form her indoor window perch. She was quite happy there on such a beautiful sunny day.

Say Happy One Year Adoption Anniversary
to our Wonderful Miss Lilly!!

Then back to writing for a bit until dinnertime, when we enjoyed a lovely episode of Midsommer Murders. Nothing like a little bit of British Murder to accompany one's food!

And speaking of food....

The scavengers await a little something.
They're not picky about what.

We ended the day the same way we end every day.

Feeding Furry Felines.

And that was our Sunday.

What did you do?

Miss Zoe wants to know if you discovered any insects. You know, like She did.

She didn't think so.

Just one more example of why She's better than you. As if you needed one.


Emma said...

Sigh...yeah...I guess Zoe's right. I DIDN'T discover any never-before-seen insects yesterday!

Happy Anniversary, Miss Lilly!

It sounds like you folks love your mulch. Wow!

Sunday was pretty nice over here, too. The weather is very, very mild and sunny again today. It feels good on my toes, but it's also just...not right for November!

Christa said...

We have had lovely weather in Minnesota also! We did our last raking and I gathered the leaves and placed them around the place where our "yard" bunny lives for the winter, while she was out and about in the neighborhood. I hope she was pleased with the additional shelter. :p

Emma said...

I forgot to give a shout out to Miss Emmie!!!!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

Oh wow, my friend Kathy just linked me up to your cool blog. Bunnies and cats and oh my....Perfect. My Sunday was spent planting bulbs, and grooming my 16 year old dog. After I cut bunny nails and let one bad bunny hop around the house wreaking havock eerywhere he hopped. Thanks for asking and nice to meet you!