Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dream a Second Dream

Last week, I told you about the saga of my broken big toe. (As you can see above, Miss Zoe is not interested in this post.)

And I told you what led up to me thinking I should tell you that story-dream-- Miss Kitty, giving the Rabbit a day off, telling you more about myself, blah, blah, blah.

Did you know this was going to turn into a many weeks' long feature, in which I reveal to you my dreams?

Well, I think I mentioned that after I got home from work last Monday night, somewhere during the course of the evening, the Blisschick and I made a list of the Top Ten Most Memorable Dreams I have had in my life.

It's kind of like one of David Letterman's Top Ten lists, if you know what I mean.

It's not too late to flip over to another blog, you know. You can stop reading now if you want to.

Here's your chance to stop.

Because if you read the next sentence, it will be too late.

Cat in the Coffee Aisle.

See? Too late.

Number 2 on the List of Top Ten Most Memorable Dreams? The Cat in the Coffee Aisle dream.

Miss Zoe: startled that I dream of
anything but Rabbit.

OK, so, last week's example was pretty narrative, right? I'm playing kick ball, the ball rolls across the plate, I kick it, break my toe, and on and on. It has some order to it. It's not really a good story, but nevertheless, it is a story.

Cat in the Coffee Aisle is more of an abstract painting, a short story, a sketch. A poem.

In the dream, which is really more of a snippit or a short, rather than a long film, A Cat is sitting at the grocery store in the coffee aisle looking up.

Um....that's it. No, really. That's it.

Actually, I could also say this about the Cat. That is looks perplexed. It is deciding....hmmmm... Tanzanian Peaberry? Hazelnut? No-no-- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe!

And then perhaps: Whole bean? Or, ground? (And though the Cat probably enjoys the freshness of grinding its own whole bean coffee each morning, the decision is more likely about which is easier and which will the Cat feel like doing at 6:30 in the morning.)

It's always my hope that the Cat chooses wisely. But then, how else does a Cat choose?

I'm warning you now that this will keep going. On a list of Top Ten, you are only through two. That means eight more Wednesdays of the bizarre world of my dreams.

You can blame Miss Kitty.

You can also blame the Rabbit.


Emma said...

Hmm, now I do wonder what the cat chose...

As for our cats, they are NOT interested in coffee. Yoko particularly hates the smell and tries to "bury" it is a cup of coffee is nearby.

Bethany said...

Great idea to try to remember one's dream history. Cat in the coffee isle, so zen.
I'm up for hearing more!

Kavindra said...

Lie down on the couch here Miss Marcy, and let's talk about this dream....
Hmmm (I am stroking my beard, and peering over the top rim of my glasses at you) cat in the coffee aisle, you say?
How did this make you Feel? Please free associate now, while I scribble some notes down here.

How do we know he was looking at the coffee? Do they not have non-dairy powdered creamer there as well? Maybe he was lactose intolerant and missing cream? Or maybe he wanted cocoa ... cocoa can kill a dog you know, maybe the cat was plotting to murder the dog in his house, by making him a big mug of cocoa!

Have you asked Zoe what this dream might mean? Miss Zoe knows everything. Much more than I, Dr Kavindra Freud!