Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dream a little dream

Every Monday night is my night to work at the library. We're open until 8:30, so it's pretty dark by the time we leave for the night. On this most recent Monday, it was also raining.

Miss Kitty, Culinary Genius and Children's Librarian Extraordinaire (who also has heated seats in her Honda), offered me a ride home. I'd not worn my raincoat, and she took the opportunity to remind me of one the perils of the Chick and I having no television: no Weather Channel.

"But you see," I told her, "I used to have a weather toe, so I always knew when rain was coming. It's not my fault my toe doesn't work anymore."

As you could imagine, this led to a discussion of my weather toe.

It was a toe I broke in 7th grade -- my big toe, in fact -- that got arthritis, which has, somehow over the years, inexplicably disappeared.

It is how I broke my toe, though, that led to the subject of this blog.

Miss Kitty said, "I really think this is a topic for the blog. Give that Rabbit a day off and tell them a little something more personal about yourself."

"Excuse me?"

To which I responded, "Oh, Miss Kitty!! NO one wants that!"

But, here I am, doing it anyway.

One night at about the age of 13, I had a dream. In the dream, I'm in gym class or some such thing, and I'm involved in a rousing game of kickball. And I'm "up," as in, it's my turn to kick. If I close my eyes, I can still see the whole scene as it was-- the ball coming in a straight line toward home plate, me standing, anxiously waiting and getting ready for the ball to roll just close enough, and then WHAM!!

I kicked that ball so hard!! It was definitely going to be a home run!!

"Home run indeed!"

Except I didn't make it that far in my dream. I woke up screaming in pain having kicked my bedroom wall instead of the "ball." I had broken my big toe.

Oh, it was very painful. And very colorful. Sigh.

And that, dear friends, is how I broke my big toe and how I gained a trusted weather toe, until of course, it ceased to be a weather toe.

Now, it is simply a plain, old toe again.

"Weather toe? Come on!"

When I got home, I told the Chick Miss Kitty's idea for me to write about my dream and her other idea for me to tell about my irrational fear of Chihuahuas. The Chick and I proceeded to make a list of my Top Ten Weirdest and /or most Interesting Dreams.

Over the next few weeks, I will share that list with you.

You will laugh.

You will cry.

They are better than Cats.

Not really.

And, they are certainly NOT better than Rabbits.


Emma said...

That is how you broke your toe?? I'm sorry about your toe, but that's a great story!

I'm looking forward to more of these posts, too. :)

P.S. There's always in lieu of toes or TVs.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic story about breaking your toe! Although I'm sure it was very painful at the time.


Would you believe that I also have a weather toe?! I'd somehow grown a cartilage-type cyst in the toe next to my big right toe.

It was fine for ages, til it broke while I was doing my first ever triathlon. Then it didn't heal properly and over 12 months later I had bone graft surgery. I can tell you that is possibly the most painful thing I've ever experienced!!

Anyway, thereafter it has been a weather toe. But in recent times it has become less reliable. Also, I notice it doesn't work so well if I'm travelling. Perhaps it isn't accustomed to the local weather or something?

Can't wait to hear more of the other stories you have planned.

Miss Kitty was right, and we do want to know :)

lolabunny said...

Your blog is charming!
...and there is very little, if not nothing, better than Rabbits!

Linnea said...

Miss Zoe, take this opportunity to go to a Bunny Spa or something. Time off will rejuvenate your soul and renew your lagomorphian creativity! Really!

(Besides, your mom made me laugh. First thing in the morning.)

I have a Weather Knee, only my story isn't half as fun as yours! (I twisted it while going to class my junior year of college. Trying to make my way around a mountain town on crutches? Now that was funny. But still not as funny as your story.)

Marcy Hall said...

how nice to hear of other weather-predicting body parts!!

the rest of the dreams i'll share are not so tangible. i started you off easy with the toe!!