Friday, November 27, 2009

Flip (Holiday) Friday

Here's hoping that all of you out there who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful time!!

Well, some of us do.

Here at the Lilypad, we had lots of food, plenty of good cheer, and plenty of laughing, dancing smiling, and snuggling, plus all of the other wonderful things that come with a fun holiday where you get to lounge around in your comfortable clothes (and the CUTEST APRON EVER!!) and cook and bake and just be generally thankful for all the LOVE and GOOD THINGS in your life.

Miss Emmie waits patiently for you to
drop something she might want to eat.
I love Thanksgiving!!

In between baking and cooking and gazing lovingly at the Chick while she played on her computer (OK, she did do other things-- I'm just whining for attention from her!), I did some sudoku puzzles, snuggled my bunny, took tons of cat portraits (some of which you see in this post) and just had fun. Later on, we had some delightful company.

Scottie doesn't really care what you drop.
At least, not right now.

What a nice day! And it's only the beginning of a lovely weekend. Who knows what will happen next?

Miss Lilly just wants you to stop
staring at her intense cuteness.

And then she does something even cuter! Curses!

Rosie and me having a Kodak moment.

Me in my cute apron
holding an open squash that
could have been a
Georgia O'Keefe model.

Did you think I would forget your Rabbit Movie???

Yes, don't forget the Rabbit Movie.

Zoe's Thanksgiving Carrot from marcy hall on Vimeo.


Emma said...

You're right. That may be the best apron I have ever, very seen!

It's a great picture all around!

Thanks for the glimpses of so many adorable creatures. I think this may be the first time I have seen the iconic combination of rabbit+carrot featuring Premier Rabbit, Zoe!

StorytellERdoc said...

Great pictures, Marcy! We just checked em' all out and love them! We like your pigtails too!

JFKlaver said...

Watching Miss Zoe feed her soul, feeds my soul.