Friday, November 13, 2009

Flip Friday

We had writing group on Wednesday night.

While our writing group was here, two of the three of them said to me, "Ever since you switched to the new video thinigie, I can't get your videos to load or play."

Well, that's just the saddest thing I've ever heard!!

One other friend told me that same sad news not too long ago, but I checked into the particular video that she said didn't work, and made a small adjustment, and then I thought the problem was fixed. Perhaps not.


We switched from YouTube to Vimeo because, well, Zoe is VERY picky about her movie soundtracks. The songs she was picking to go along with her acting were often being blocked out on YouTube.

No, not because she was picking songs with too much profanity!!

It was because the major record labels have started to dictate what music you can use for a video, and what music you can't. Forget the fact that, maybe through one of Zoe's soundtracks, she might expose you to a new artist that you enjoy that could lead to you purchasing new music.

It all seemed too territorial for Zoe. She is a Rabbit Who Doesn't Mess Around.

We switched to Vimeo, where anything goes.

But, now, Zoe is worried that the Vimeo movies aren't working for everyone.

This is a major concern for Her!!

So, for this week, we've decided to post two old movies from YouTube.

"Oldies but Goodies," Zoe just chimed in.

Yes, Zoe. Always Goodies.

If you have had trouble viewing Zoe's Vimeo movies, would you please post a comment to Her and let Her know? She touts Herself as an Equal Opportunity Rabbit.

You are important to Her.

(Not THAT important. Just, you know, sorta.)

From the archives, then!!


Emma said...

Yeah, that is a sleepy rabb....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I've never had a problem with the Vimeo videos. So sad that some people have been missing out!

Kavindra said...

We all get your videos very fine at our house on both computers. 2 People and a Cat, all snuggled up with the heat on high, watching a bunny nose that won't quite ... fall... asleep ..... Ahh, there we go.

Dream sweet dreams little rabbit. Try not to think of the nightmare that some people have, not being able to see your videos. ((((Shudder!))))