Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dream a Fourth Dream

Hold on to your hat.
This is going to get strange.

Here we are at week number four of my weird dream posts inspired by the Erie County Public Library's own Miss Kitty. (Don't try to get out of this, Miss Kitty. You know you are to blame!)

This dream is from a few years back. After the post on Monday about the imaginary Rabbit named Mr. Rumi who assists me in gift buying duties, I'm a little concerned that after this post you'll say to yourself, "You know, really? I think this is enough. This Marcy person is quite simply just a nutter."

And that's fine. But you have to read to the end of the dream first. Then, and only then, will you be qualified to make that prognosis.
NOT TRUE!! I have not read the dream, and I am already making that prognosis!!

So, here we go. Dream #4:

I'm on the second floor of the Blasco Library (the library where I work). I'm with a lot of other people. I guess you could call it a party of sorts. We're in a big, open space on the second floor of the library, where we normally house exhibits of the artistic variety or sometimes press conferences or receptions.

Anyway, there I am with a bunch of other people. We are milling about as though we are at a party.

Suddenly, music starts playing and I find myself in a Rockettes-style kick line.

(Here's where you need to brace yourself. If you're not sitting down, Zoe suggests doing so.)

There I am in the kick line, kicking away with the best of them (that's a dream in and of itself!!), and I look down to the end of the line, you know, I guess to get a glimpse of how I'm keeping up with the other kickers.

I look down the line and at the very end, I notice someone else peeking back at me. This someone is also kicking, and from the look on this someone's face, this someone is having a most wonderful time.

This someone would be..... the elephant panda dog.

With the snout of a dog, the black eye circles of a panda, and the trunk of an elephant, the elephant panda dog is completely unmistakable to me. It is as though I have seen him/ her/it a hundred times. While I'm kicking and looking down the line and seeing this most bizarre creature, I think to myself, "Oh, look! The elephant panda dog.!!" It is a simple and comforting thought.

I smile at the elephant panda dog. He winks at me. Just a slight wink, like something you might see Santa Clause do. His eye sparkles (I can only see one, as the far eye is hidden by the protruding bridge of the trunk, of course), and as he winks I hear that distinctive, staccato "PING!" sound of a television wink.

The elephant panda dog assumes his place in line as do I.

And that is the end of the dream.

The interesting part of the dream is that when I woke up, as is the case with so many dreams, it felt so real. It was like I discovered a new animal. That wink will live in my mind's eye forever.
Call 911.
It's an emergency.
I need to get out of here ASAP!

Don't let her fool you. You should hear some of Her dreams!!!

Nevertheless, Zoe and I and the other animals at the Lilypad wish to wish you a
Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Linnea said...

I want to have that dream! It sounds fun.

I had a series of dreams last summer in which I journeyed through various parts of the past with a multicolored (as in, it had been dunked in various shades of Manic Panic) poodle.

Your elephant panda dog wins, though. :-)

StorytellERdoc said...

Hey M

Next, you need to paint an elephant panda portrait! Get busy. Happy Tday to you and C.

Emma said...


*whispering worriedly with Zoe*

Hmm, yes, Marcy. Thank you for...sharing this with us. Yes...uh-huh. Hmmm...

OK, I admit - I love the elephant panda dog!! I agree with the dude above who says you should paint this! That was my first thought, too!

Linnea said...

I agree with StorytellERdoc and Emma. Please paint the elephant panda!

karmacoy said...

Cool dream.

Funny, just this morning I woke up and scribbled in my journal my dreams which were fresh in my mind... They made no sense whatsoever to me but I needed to record them and pick it apart a bit.

I love hearing about other peoples dreams. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

Yes please! One painting of an elephant panda dog, thanks! I was fully expecting to see one at the end of the post :)