Friday, November 6, 2009

Flip Friday

It's been an interesting week here at the Lilypad. I guess that's usually the case.

The Chick and I YogaDanced most every day this week. I am now officially A Girl Who Can Move Her Ribs Separately From Her Hips. WHAT? How did I become that person? I have no idea. Apparently, practicing such things actually makes you kind of sort of able to do them.


Also, I joined NaNoWriMo. (See the icon to the left?)

On Wednesday, at some point in the middle of the afternoon, the Blisschick stood outside the Rabbit Room gate and said to me:

"You should really sign up for NaNoWriMo."

To which I replied, "NaNoWhatOh?"

To which she replied, "NaNoWriMo."

I looked at the Rabbit. The Rabbit looked at me. We both looked at the Chick.

The Chick sighed (SIGH!), then said, "National Novel Writing Month. It's November. You sign up and then you're supposed to write a novel in a month, or like 50,000 words."

You see, I just restarted work on my second novel. I'd gotten stalled about 2 months ago after writing about 50 pages, and realized I was stalled because the pacing just wasn't right in the storytelling. So, this past weekend I started at the beginning, and the Chick decided that the fact that I technically started writing it on October 31st was OK, and that she was going to sign me up for NaNoWriMo.

So she did.

So far, then, since last weekend, I have about 10,000 words. That means I have to write 10,000 words every week, pretty much, and I may make it to the goal.

We'll see. I'm going to give it my best shot. Zoe and I will keep you posted.

And, well, now it is Friday and time once again for Miss Zoe to step into the spotlight and enjoy what is rightfully hers: Fame.

We, here at the Lilypad, hope you had a good week, too.

Without further delay, are your Rabbit Features of the Week:

Cute Lips!!! from marcy hall on Vimeo.

The Very Bad Salad from marcy hall on Vimeo.


Emma said...

What is up with that salad? I thought she was totally rejecting it and then...nom nom nom nom. Mind games?!?

I didn't know you were doing NaNoWriMo! I am cheering you on!

Kavindra said...

"Waiter! My salad is All Over the Floor!"

Y"es Maam, but You did that yourself."

"Nonsense! No Tip for You. Now leave me in peace to eat."

Yep, I am cheeering you on too! I am a NaNoWriMo failure from way back :( but have seen amazing and wonderful results In Others. Go Marcy Go. And Zoe, you must help too.

Will there be a scary chihuahua in this book? Because after the weather toe, I think I am not the only one who is curious about the chihuahua. Just saying ...

Art D. said...

Always play with your food!
And the head-tossing of dinnerware is important, too! Ever since Derby got a lightweight plastic dinner bowl, he'll toss it all over!

zipdang22 said...

NaNoWriMo? Good for you! I printed out the info & couldn't even find time to read that, let alone write anything. (Sigh). Someday. Does it count if I write about 5,000 words a day at work? :-)

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your art. All the Halloween bunnies made me giggle. But SB is especially wonderful. I think I need a SB tee shirt.
This is the third time I've read about that novel writing thing. And I still can't remember how to sy or spell it.
Hm. Good luck. Write on, sounds like you're off to a fantastic start.
Fantastic videos.
Love the red shelf in the background to. Ikea?

Bethany said...

Not sure what this chi chi fear is. I must read further. But warning. I have bunnies, and cats but also two wonderful, and not at all scary (I promise), adopted chihuahuas. My 35 yr old brother has an unnatural fear of rabbits.