Friday, November 20, 2009

Flip Friday

I have two Important Announcements to make.

Well, Zoe and I do.

I am her (willing) puppet, as you know.

Oh, right-- the Announcements.

OK, here they are:

Number 1: Our Good Friend from our Writing Group has started a blog!!!

In the Blisschick circle, this is the friend referred to as "Dr. Captain America." His name has been changed to protect the innocent (and, even the not-so-innocent, if you must know). You will see why. This will be a blog that you won't want to miss.

It will make you laugh.

It will make you cry.

It will be better than Cats (the Broadway show, not the Animal).

I just told Miss Zoe I was going to say that, and she wanted to interject this: "This blog may be better than a lot of cats."

Miss Zoe is entitled to her opinion, but please don't tell your own cat that she said that. Cats so easily develop complexes.

[A Disclaimer: The views of the Rabbit do not necessarily reflect the views of the other Animals in the Lilypad. All views of the Rabbit should be attributed to the Rabbit Herself and should not reflect poorly on the Other Animals.]

And, Number 2:


Get out the Champagne and make a toast. Go ahead. You're allowed to drink Champagne any time of the day. The French do it-- why can't you?

To celebrate, here is a picture from the celebration we had at writing group on Wednesday night:

Blisschick with Cake.
And, now, your Rabbit videos!!!

Miss Zoe's Side Pose from marcy hall on Vimeo.

Is That A Raisin I See Before Me? from marcy hall on Vimeo.



Linnea said...

Miss Zoe, I now know what to get you for Christmas. Clearly, you need more raisins. :)

Emma said...

That was an excellent side post.

And wow, those raisins must have been tasty! I think that's the fastest I've seen Miss Z move!

The only thing that could possible improve this scene is...a tutu...

Happy B-Day to the BC and Happy Friday to all!

Lisa said...


Wish I could be there to celebrate with you :-)

ENJOY the festivities!

Kavindra said...

Happy birthday and cake for everyone!

I had no idea Miss Zoe could stand on 2 feet! She has so many hidden drawers full of talent.

Very Very cute.

Art D. said...


StorytellERdoc said...

Hey Marcy!

Thanks for the shoutout! You are too awesome...and for anyone reading this, you have to grab all the kids around you and show them Marcy's videos! They are a staple in our house! Get to know Miss Zoe before she's a big, big star!

Also, LOL at C's pic! Was that breakfast the next day, too? Or was it gone by you two that night?

Enjoy the weekend...