Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog #81, In Which We Learn A Way To Help Rabbits

Miss Zoe enjoys getting mail.

If you remember, Zoe's friend, Kavindra, sent a nice little package not too long ago.

And, more recently, Miss Zoe received this card in the mail:

Miss Zoe sitting proudly with her card.

This card was from the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary. Back in May, they held a Silent Auction and Wine Tasting to help raise money for the 500 + bunnies (and apparently a couple of pigs and some random cats) who call the Sanctuary home.

Zoe heard about the event through the Rabbit Grapevine (you know how active that network is!). Being, herself, a Great Lakes Rabbit (and proud of it!), and being a Rabbit of Humble Beginnings, she decided she wanted to try to help Rabbits less fortunate than she.

She drummed up some support around the Lilypad, and pretty soon, we were sending this painting out in the mail:

Anyhow, Zoe and I spent a little time looking at their website recently and realized there are a whole lot of ways you can help out those Rabbits.

For one, you can adopt a Rabbit.

Let me assure you that if you haven't had a Rabbit before, you will find it an unmeasurable joy to have one around. Of course they are demanding, and as you know if you are a fan of Disapproving Rabbits like we are, they can be more than a little judgmental.

But the Joy definitely outweighs the Judgment. At least so far as I can tell.

But, Rabbits a re also adept at mind control.

Of course, many people cannot actually have a Rabbit, due to having other animals in the house already or perhaps having allergies.

"How sad for them," Zoe says from her chalet. "To never know the Joy of a Rabbit. Tsk, tsk."

Well, yes, Zoe, but like I said, not everyone can have a Rabbit for very good reasons.

OK, she's turned her back to me.

Where was I?

Oh, yes. Helping Rabbits.

If you cannot have your own Rabbit, that doesn't mean you can't do anything. There are many options including donations (large and small) and sponsorships.

Miss Zoe mentioned this, too: "Sponsoring a Rabbit is a wonderful gift to the Rabbit Lover in your life. Everybody loves Rabbits."

Good point Miss Zoe.

Of course the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary is in Michigan. So, it may be hard to adopt a Rabbit from there if you live, say, in Australia or Germany. Or, even Pennsylvania.


There are unlimited opportunities to help bunnies all over the world. What a relief!!!!

Because you know, there are a lot of Rabbits. They reproduce like, well..... Rabbits.

Check out the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary or a Rabbit Shelter in your area and consider helping a Rabbit in Need.

Can you feel Miss Zoe staring at you? She's waiting for you to take action now. :)

This has been a Rabbit Service Announcement from Miss Zoe.
Thank you, and Have a Nice Day.


Emma said...

I did start researching local animal shelters that help rabbits! I want to find a volunteer opportunity. I haven't found the right one yet, but I'll let you know. :)

Marcy said...

a friend of ours runs a cat and rabbit shelter here that has volunteer petters!! (too bad you don't live closer :( )

Emma said...


Kavindra said...

Zoe! Now you're a humanitarian too? - er I mean a rabbitarian, sorry. You have so many facets to your wonderfulness. I am so proud to have such a soft furry goddess as a friend.

Tess said...

Sadly, I cannot adopt a rabbit, despite Miss Zoe's hypnotic stare.

But I would like to assure her that there is a pilgrimage I take regularly: on the outskirts of our town runs a canal, and alongside that runs a quiet stretch of road with green banks and fields on the land-ward side. It is our local rabbit heaven - the wild bunnies crowd the grassy stretches and are not scared when I drive slowly past them. I often wind my car window down and call out softly "Hello Bunnies", and sometimes they call back to me. Well perhaps not out loud, but you can sense them thinking hello.

They are of course not as spectacularly handsome as Miss Zoe, being brown and speckled-y, but they have a certain charm.

Marcy said...

thank you, tess, for that lovely story. the rabbits definitely feel your presence!!

kavindra, zoe said you should be proud, so she's glad you are.

and, emma-- of COURSE you want to pet fuzzy bunnies. there must be a rabbit shelter near you that offers this service (rabbit petting) to the public. and, it is a service. rabbits are so giving. :)

JFKlaver said...

My daughter has a rabbit; hence my love for Zoe!