Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's in the Mail

Blogging has been an interesting adventure for me.

I remember years ago when the Blisschick started seriously reading blogs. She had lots of favorites and would spend time everyday reading them. Frankly, it made me a little jealous.

Slowly but surely, new people became part of our lives. People with names like Birdchick and Mr. Neil and Kelli Bickman and many others who were soon to come. But this is where it started.

I admit it, though-- I wasn't truly a blog convert until Christine started Blisschick. When she started writing everyday and got responses that sparked conversations with people around the world about the things she is passionate about and the things that she loves, I thought to myself, "This blogging thing? Pretty Cool."

And then Miss Zoe whispered to me one day.

She spoke of spreading the news of the goodness of rabbits. She spoke of the possibility of her getting gifts in the mail from those who would eventually come to consider themselves to be adoring fans of her sweet, fuzzy brown nose, her spotted belly, her velvety soft ears.

Miss Zoe had a vision. And, it was up to me to fulfill it.

"You can write about yourself, too," she said with generosity seeping out her pores. "Art, blah, blah, blah."

And so it began.

"You adore me. You know you do."

Since then, Miss Zoe's vision has begun to come true.

People love her YouTube videos.

People love her pictures.

People love her wise insights and her sage advice.

And then the other day, what did Mailman Rick bring?

See for yourself.

It's in the Mail: An Essay in Photos

A package for a Rabbit...

The Contents!!

First, the Chewie...

Still enthralled with the Chewie.
She loves to throw these across the room.

Exploring the Nutty Ball.

And, a little sparkley something for humans!

I end this post by telling you what blogging can do for you and your Animal Companions.

For you, blogging can open up a world of fascinating people, new friendships, and great conversation.

For your cat, rabbit, or dog, well... it can get them stuff!

All our thanks to our benefactor, Kavindra for the lovely and thoughtful gifts. Miss Zoe sends to you a special gooey kiss and a wee little nuzzle!!

OK, now she's done with you.


Ty-Anna said...

glad you're a blogging convert!

Emma said...

Haha! Glad this blogging is paying off! ;)

Great package!

Kavindra said...

Oh that made me laugh. So glad to see Zoe's dreams beginning to come true - no rabbit deserves it more :)

Tess said...

I'm so glad that Miss Zoe has such kind people thinking of her.

Actually, I have a somewhat delicate question about Miss Zoe. Never having had a bunny (my loss, I know), I wondered whether Miss Zoe is able to use a litter tray like a kitteh would do. Or if not, then, er, what?

Marcy said...

zoe's dreams are coming true!!

as for the "delicate question," tess, yes, miss zoe uses a litter box just like a kitty. she actually has many that are filled with hay. we call them her "munch and poo" stations.

Ketzirah (Carly) said...

I guess I need to blog more about Derby! He get's a lot of press on Flickr, though...