Friday, July 10, 2009

Flip Friday

Here we are. At the end of another week.

It's a good thing, I suppose, to arrive at the weekend.

Unless, of course, one must work on the weekend, which I do. So, there you are.

The fact that I had Wednesday off, however, is some consolation. Especially because we had the opportunity to travel to our Fair Sister City on Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio.

We went with our Good Friend, Miss Kitty and hit some of our favorite hot spots.

The Cleveland Museum of Art
, for one.

It is an interesting thing to see Art. The last time we visited the Cleveland Museum of Art, about 4 or 5 years ago perhaps, I was not so much of a painter. I had really just sort of started painting, in fact. To go back now, after I have been painting for awhile made the whole experience different and fresh. I found myself noticing Everything in a Whole New Way.

It was very exciting.

Also exciting is to go to an Art Museum with people who appreciate and love Art. That makes for great conversation in the car on the way home.

Here is a small snippit of video from the CMAs new East Wing Sculpture Atrium. Some beautiful Rodins have taken up residence in there for the time being.

Besides the Museum, we also hit the West Side Market. Though a bit overwhelming for the Blisschick, it was a delightful experience and we came home with a load of awesome food.

Our third stop was Trader Joe's, where we stocked up on some interesting new wines. We also grabbed a 6-pack of a new beer to try-- Black Toad (made exclusively for Trader Joe's by the Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago)-- which we shared with our writing group when we returned home on Wednesday night. Deeeeeeee- lish!

It was a lovely day. Of course, the Mammals at the Lilypad were not too terribly pleased to be left alone at home all day.

Especially This Mammal...

But, lucky for us, she forgave us for being away all day and for splitting her salad into 2 parts-- a before and after trip salad. I have since been told (in no uncertain terms) that she likes her whole salad at one time.

I'll try to keep that in mind for the future.


Emma said...

Did Rodin ever sculpt a rabbit?

If not...why not?

I enjoyed this tiny visit to the Rodin exhibit. :)

And of course I enjoyed seeing my weekly Zoe! And looking right through her translucent ears. :)

Lisa said...

Oooo. Neat post!

Glad you had such a nice trip!

Thanks for the video of the museum. What a cool way to share part of your experience with us. I've always been fascinated by sculpture, esp. Rodin. Amazing!