Friday, July 24, 2009

Flip Friday

It seems that Friday's rolled around again.

It just keeps happening.

It's a good thing, too, because you know Miss Zoe, right? Well, she likes to give her fans a little something special every week. And, what better day than Friday?

What better day, indeed.

Poor Miss Zoe's on her own this weekend.

Well, not really on her own as much as just without me. She'll still be home with the Blisschick and her Cats and Half. She'll still have her iPod on shuffle and be lazing in the sun, moving her ears to listen to birdies and feeling the breeze through her soft and velvety fur.

OK, so really it's me who'll be poor, come to think of it.

Not poor so much, as I'll be camping and kayaking on the Allegheny River. But poor as in, you know-- Rabbitless. Catless. Blisschickyless.


Remembering these videos will help to ease my pain on those long nights under the stars, in the tent, trying to ward off bears or frogs or even, God forbid-- turtles.

That was a little turtle joke. I love turtles.

OK, so enough of the funny. On to the Features:

First, we have Miss Zoe trying to pick out which leaf of lettuce to eat. It can be quite difficult to find just the right piece you know.

And, second, we have a vision of Miss Zoe in the Summertime. This is pretty much what her afternoons look like.

On Monday, Miss Zoe will have to be responsible for posting our Blog. I hope she remembers. I hope she's not missing me so much that it slips her mind. Oh, that Poor, Lonely Bunny!!

(OK-- stop laughing! Can't you just humour me?)

Anyhow, I hope Miss Zoe doesn't offend anyone while I'm gone. Without me here to monitor her language, there's no telling what she might say. Just look out's all I'm sayin'.

Look out.

1 comment:

Emma said...

That's surprisingly similar to how I like to spend summer days. :)

Have a great trip!