Friday, July 3, 2009

Flip Friday and More Talk of Rabbits?

You may ask yourself this: "Will she ever talk of anything but Rabbits?"

The answer?

Mmmmmmm.... No. Probably not.

Well, I will also talk about Cats.

Zoe reassures me that Constant Talk of Rabbits is good. It is what is Expected of me.

After all, this blog is about Art and Mammals, and, as She most eloquently put it, "What other kind of Mammal is more Important?"

Writing of Rabbits is not just Something We Do, you see. It's a Vocation. A Calling.

In that spirit then, I offer this report.

For a couple of weeks now, we have had many Close Encounters of the Outdoor Rabbit Kind. It seems to me as if a relation (perhaps) of Baby Audrey the Rabbit has been lying about in our yard. My theory is that this Rabbit is Baby Audrey's mother.

That's what I call her, anyway. (Though, how does one prove such a thing? How does one get a warrant to test an Outdoor Rabbit's DNA? Is there some kind of Court of Woodland Creatures?)

I offer the following pictures as evidence:

See how relaxed? How cute? How very precious?

Go ahead. Make the pictures bigger. Look at her sweet feet, all kicked out behind her.

We call this rabbit pose The Cleopatra. It can even be used as a verb as in this sentence. "Look at Miss Zoe! She is so sweetly Cleopatraed after that delicious salad of yard greens!"

And, speaking of Miss Zoe, here's a little something to get you through a perhaps harrowing family picnic on a very loud (American) holiday weekend. Make this your Happy Place. (Special music for you, Emma.)



Kavindra said...

Ach! The end is too wonderful for words ... first it looks like Zoe is going "sean penn" on the papparazzi with the camera ... then she is pulling on their shirt, trying to rough them up and get them to stop filming and pet her already!

I have a tailless cat who can cleopatra ... and the more I look at Zoe, the more I wonder if they are related ... (Zoe wants to hear no such heresy!)

Emma said...

Rabbit-Bjork Dance Party!!!


And I like that - The Cleopatra. Two beautiful rabbits here!

karmacoy said...

Hee hee. Those Rabbits just make me smile all over!!

Thanks for writing about them!

Anonymous said...

Well, seems your place is rabbit-central, with its benevolent over-mistress, Miss Zoe.

The other outdoor rabbit is very pretty.

I think that's the most active I've ever seen Zoe in her videos.

Speaking of rabbits and cats, I must draw your attention to this LOL Cats picture...

JFKlaver said...

Just gotta love Zoe's twitching nose!

Anonymous said...
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