Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zoe Has Her Say & Why is Blisschick So Whiney!?

Okay. Rabbit in charge.

My Primary Human has been gone for a couple of days and left it to me to post for Wednesday. As if I don't already Do Enough Around Here just by being cute and exuding so much Wisdomosity.


Where would my Primary Human go, you ask?

Good question. I mean, who would leave this?

Or this!?

Furthermore, my Secondary Human, whom you know as Blisschick, is so, like, ANNOYING when my Primary Human is out of the house.

I mean, she barely sleeps so that makes her Cranky.

And she just does not Worship Me enough, as far as I'm concerned.

You see, Secondary Human -- I love her -- but she didn't expect me to Be Like I Am. She just thought I was going to be Some Wild Animal Who Lived In Her House!


So, to get Secondary Human out of my Hare (sorry for that pun) for just a Wee Bit, I sent her to the Beach. I made her take pictures so I would know she didn't just go to some Coffee Shop and get lost in the Internets somewhere, like she usually does.

You have to think of everything when you are The Rabbit.

So here is her evidence -- and it's date stamped so I know it's not a fraud.

Now, by the time you read this, my Primary Human will have been back for some hours.

And all I have to say is this:

Let the attempts at Making Up For Being Gone begin!


Emma said...

"Let the attempts at Making Up For Being Gone begin!"

Haha! I have a feeling it will take many attempts and many willow balls before all is forgiven. ;)

Meanwhile, BlissChick is sound asleep until Saturday...

JFKlaver said...

What a perfect pair you three make! Smiles to you all.