Friday, July 31, 2009

Flip Friday

For those of you who are expecting a Miss Zoe video, today may very possibly be disappointing.

Miss Zoe is still a little mad at me for being away.

I was only away for 3 days and 2 nights. But, she is holding that against me. And I think it's going to last a couple more days.

You see this past Sunday, I went on a trip. It was a kayak trip down a 30+ mile section of the Allegheny River. A very serpentine section that runs from Franklin, PA to Parker, PA. Along the way, we camped on a couple of the River's wee islands.

It was very fun. At least, that's what I thought. There's nothing quite like a few days in the wilderness, right?

Well, Miss Zoe wasn't really supportive of the trip. She loves her cats and the Blisschick, but truthfully, they do not give her the undivided attention she pretty much demands.

You know how that goes.

So, today I said, "Zooooo-eeeee! Time to make the Flip Friday video!!" and she turned her back to me and threw over her fuzzy Rabbit shoulder, "Make your own #%&^* video. I'm not a circus animal."


So, I made my own #%&^* video. It's a montage of my trip.

I know. It's no Miss Zoe. But I think by next week, she may forgive me.

I hope.

So for your viewing pleasure, I offer up this video:


miles said...

okay - so no rolls in those boats :)!

the regional furnaces (and the communities named for them) have always creeped me out, they would be at home in a poorly lit x-files episode.

that bridge was a steel truss bridge the last thousand or so times i saw it - different!

Emma said...

Ahhh, the water and trees...beautiful!

I love the mossy tree around 1:40.

And you went IN the furnace! =O

Once Miss Zoes sees this, she will know that not only were you were feeding DUCKS instead of her!

Where did you get the bird noises at the end? Was that from your trip?

It looks lovely. :)

Kavindra said...

I had the same thought as Emma ... better not let Zoe see those ducks you are loving up!

Also when you turned the camera on your superfly self, I didn't see ANY curliness at all!

Emma said...

Kavindra, you are right! She didn't curl up as suspected. Hmm...