Monday, June 29, 2009

Half a Sheep, Reporting

Hello! 1/2 here!

The Rabbit Room is Rockin'! Motown! Painting! Writing!!

Since everyone is kind of busy, I asked if I could report today.

I've been wanting to say some stuff anyhow

For one thing, I've been blaming everything on the boogie, but, Dad says we can learn another lesson from Motown star, Yvonne Elliman, about using double negatives. He told me that in her one song, the line "If I can't have you, I don't want nobody, baby," actually means "If I can't have you, I want someone else."

He said that's called a double negative, and that that Yvonne Elliman is one tricky so-and-so, making people think she means one thing, when she really means something else.

People think sheep are dumb. But, my Dad says we're just tricky, too.

(Does anyone know what a so-and-so is? Dad won't tell me.)

My Dad also says there are 2 Sheep in this so-called Rabbit Room and only 1 Rabbit. We wonder why no one calls it the Sheep Room?

Oh, wait. My Dad wants to say something.

[Stock Photo]

"75, here."

"What my son, 1/2, is trying to say is, well, I mean, we're cute, too. Sure, we don't have long flowing ears like Some Animals, and OK, maybe we don't move at all. And maybe because we don't move we're not great on camera. And maybe we do need plastic Hello Kitty heads underneath us to prop us up, but does that mean we don't deserve the same rights and liberties of Certain Other Animals?"

"OK, son. Back to you."

[Actual Photo]

Fanks, Dad.

"Son, take your hoof out of your mouth"

But, Dad, there's thomething thtuck in my brathes.

"Just take your hoof out of your mouth, 1/2. Do as I say."

OK, OK! Geez! The orthodontist said I'll have to wear these braces forever. That really bummed me out.

Well, I guess I'm at the end of my time. I didn't really get to my report, but maybe next time!

This has been 1/2 a Sheep reporting to you from the Shee--er--well, the Rabbit Room.

Editorial Comment From Miss Zoe:

"I would like to submit this photo of myself to the discussion. This is why it's called the Rabbit Room. Does it get any cuter than a Rabbit in a barrette? Seriously?

"Sheep are going to have to crank it up a notch, if they want the Room. They can bring it. I'll be waiting...."


Emma said...

This post was like a pinata of happiness exploding on my morning! =D

I was convinced by the sheep's point!

But then Miss Zoe threatened, I mean convinced, me back to The Rabbit Room Position once again.


It's good to hear from the sheep. Their Hello Kitty props are adorable...and so is a rabbit in a barrette!

*fanning myself*

I think I need to lie down for a while now...

Kavindra said...

I'd love to see the sheep and the rabbit and the cats all unite and write a children's book. Marcy could illustrate it, and the Hello Kitty heads could prop up the canvas while she works.

But as long as there is a territorial dispute going on, I gotta side with a pretty girl in a yellow barrette. Plus, she's the one with the big teeth, so....

miles said...

fun hehe!

JFKlaver said...

I'm smiling! A nice way to start the day. Thank you!

Lisa said...


can't wait to meet the cast in person soon....