Friday, July 17, 2009

Flip Friday

Miss Zoe is stoked for the weekend!

How about you?

Actually, Miss Zoe doesn't care much what day it is. She is just always happy and excited.

Really, it's a nice way to be.

One reason she is always excited is that she is not required to work in a public library where people sometimes feel compelled to wear just their swimsuit or perhaps feel like it's a good idea to bring their cans of beer into the free computer lab.

Miss Zoe prefers to deal solely with her cats. She can decide when they come and go. And, they never wear a swimsuit or bring beer.

Another reason that she's always so very excited is that she is always eating. Like, always. If you have a Rabbit, or even if you just observe Wild Yard Rabbits, you know that they are always munching on something.

In this week's Flip Friday Video, we see this very action: Miss Zoe enjoying some hay. It may not sound enthralling, but I defy you to stop watching!


Emma said...

Ahhh, soothing. :) Hay, nose-popping, music...

Let Friday begin!

JFKlaver said...

I just LOVE Miss Zoe!