Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Muses and Music

On Monday, I told you that I would show you my most recent painting.

Well, we'll get to that in a moment.

Before music comes muse.

And who would that be?


As you know, we lost Baby Audrey not long ago. We buried her under the Crab Apple Tree in our backyard. A wonderful and fitting place. Her resting place and window to Sparkle Pond is visited daily by Many Outdoor Rabbits and Other Animals.

As a Surprise, the Blisschick ordered me a Saint Francis statue to mark this special spot. He came in the mail on Monday. Before we took him outside, we took him up to see Miss Zoe. Audrey was her special friend, too. And, this Saint Francis is special-- he has a Rabbit at his feet.

Quite fitting.

What follows is a representation in pictures of Miss Zoe's encounter with Francis.

At first, she's not sure, but she warms up to him, as you will see.

Cute, eh?

We've covered the Muse. Now on to the Music. Here is Richard's Guitar:

Today, we're off to Cleveland with Miss Kitty to go to the Art Museum and the West Side Market.

My directive from Miss Zoe?

"Take some interesting video. People must be getting tired of Rabbit videos."

That's the funniest thing she's said all day, don't you agree?


Jennifer Hugon said...

Have a great time at the museum and market! They are two of my hometown favorites!


Emma said...

You can't fool us! Zoe would never think we'd tire of rabbit videos!

Beautiful guitar painting!

I really like the idea of that bunny-Francis-statue for Baby Audrey. Lovely.

JFKlaver said...

Oh, I'll never get tired of rabbit videos. Beautiful painting. Absolutely beautiful. I've never seen St. Francis with a rabbit at his feet. How perfect.

Marcy said...

glad to hear that the rabbit videos are still entertaining. zoe is pleased. she approves of you all. for today, that is...

karmacoy said...

I love love love your new painting!! Guitars are my favourites (next to Rabbits, OF COURSE!)