Monday, July 20, 2009

3 Things I Learned This Weekend

Happy Monday!

Actually, I may have learned more than 3 things this weekend. In fact, now that I've written that title, I can probably think of at least 4 things I learned, but let's stick with 3, as that seems enough to cover at one time. Here they are (in no particular order):

1. I learned how to wipe down a Dirty Lamb. (I know-- that doesn't sound great, does it? But it's true.)

Miss Zoe and I have spoken of Miss Emmie the Cat (pictured below, squinting in a sunspot) many times here on our blog. What we haven't talked much about is the fact that she's CRAZY.

The Crazy (and beautiful) Miss Emmie

No, seriously. She is crazy.

She doesn't groom herself (who knows why-- Zoe thought cats mostly came knowing how to do such things to extremes-- it's why she allows cats in her house), and besides that, she's a tail biter, which means she's often covered in blood. We LOVE this cat!! But, she can be... challenging, especially when you are having company (see #3). Due to the non-grooming situation, we have Miss Emmie shaved, and because we have her shaved, we affectionately call her "The Lamb."

Are you keeping up?

Due to the problem of non-grooming and frequent bloodiness, we decided to order some wipes
to help keep her cleaner. We affectionately call them "The Lamb Wipes."

So, said Lamb Wipes came in the magic, brown UPS truck a couple of days ago, and on them were these instructions:


First thing learned? Besides knowing how to open and close a lid, one must wipe entire pet.

2. I worked on Sunday at the Ol' Public Library. I picked up this tract in the copy room and thought I should pass along this information:

Whew! I still have a couple of years!

Second thing learned? The End is Imminent.

3. We had a house guest here at the Lilypad this weekend!!! We NEVER have house guests!! Lisa of Nerdy Renegade News came to meet us and the cats and Miss Zoe and stayed for a few days. We had GREAT FUN!!

Third thing learned? Having someone whom you don't know (other than through online contact) come to your house and hang out is not as freaky as we thought it would be!! We had such a wonderful time, and it's like we knew Lisa already.

More to come about the weekend on Wednesday.

For now, Miss Zoe would like you to review:

1. Wipe ENTIRE pet.
2. Beware May 21, 2011
3. Invite strangers over often.

"I'm not sure this blog even makes sense.
Please don't associate me with any of this information.
Views and "Information" presented in this blog do not
necessarily represent the views of the Rabbit Council."

OK, so here's 4. Sometimes, there's no pleasing a Rabbit.


Ty-Anna said...

thanks for sharing will invite strangers over!

hmmbrd said...

Thanks for infusing some funny into Monday!

Emma said...

Haha! =)

Much wisdom is to be found here!

JFKlaver said...

It makes perfect sense to me. And I can tell by the look on Miss Zoe's face, she completely "gets it" too.