Monday, July 6, 2009

All American Reject

This past weekend, our country celebrated it's birthday.

Happy Birthday, America!

It is in that spirit that I call myself the All American Reject.

Not because I think I am really a reject, mind you, but because I was rejected over this All American kind of weekend, and that title was too good to pass up. :)

"Not a reject? Really?
You don't think so?
I'll take it into consideration."

Thanks, Miss Zoe.

So, to what do I refer?

A couple of weeks ago, if you recall, I said I was going to stop painting a little bit to concentrate on my writing. Remember that?

Also remember that I couldn't really stop painting, though I did sort of try for a couple of days. A friend's boyfriend's birthday was coming, and she wanted me to paint something for him, and I got inspired, and then the no-painting line was out the window.

(Hold that thought, as I'll show you that painting on Wednesday.)

It's the writing, then, to which I refer. (Or as the cats like to say, "re-fur." Funny, aren't they?)

Over this holiday weekend filled with fireworks and other random loudness (much to the chagrin of Miss Zoe and the Blisschick) I gathered up my courage and sent out the query letter for my finished novel to 4 agents.

Then, I waited. Nervously.

Being a holiday weekend, I was pretty sure I wouldn't hear back from anyone for a few days or even a couple of weeks.

But, what happened?

Within an hour, I had 1 of those 4 agents actually answer my email query and request what? No, not just a few pages, or a couple of chapters, but my ENTIRE MANUSCRIPT.

Add to that the fact that this is an agent with a pretty well known client list, and you can see how the excitement built here at the Lilypad. There was squealing and jumping.

Of course, Miss Zoe was not impressed.

I just hope when this book is finally published
that someone remembers to order the Rabbit
some Celebratory Willow Balls.

We worked fast, and got a copy of my manuscript out in email attachment form within a couple of hours. Then we waited again.

This time Even More Nervously.

Suffice it to say that this particular agent wrote me back a really nice email the following day to say that my book wasn't right for her. I got a second rejection from another of the 4 a couple of hours later.

Major bummer, right?

Well, yeah. It kind of is. At least it was for a little bit. I have to admit, it did seem a little too easy.

But I would have been really, really OK with easy.

It's also OK. I believe in my writing and in my idea. I'm not going to get caught up in the rejection thing.

Besides, I have a Rabbit. I'm used to Rejection. She has been preparing me for years!

The main thing, though, is that I'm doing what I love. I'm being creative, and I'm putting it out there. It might get knocked around for awhile, but eventually, I believe if I keep putting it out there, things will happen.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep writing. And Painting.

And maybe I'll put in an order for Willow Balls.

You know, just in case.


Emma said...

Good work on all this! You are writing, you're submitting, and your work is being considered! I do wish she'd decided to instantly publish your novel, but...oh well. I'm glad you aren't losing heart. I can't wait to read books by both you and Christine!

(And Zoe.)

Kavindra said...

on the fact you've put yourself out there
on the fact that you got a bite so quickly, even tho it wasn't a good fit in the end
on the fact that you can take a little rejection thanks to practicing with Miss Zoe

JFKlaver said...

Remember, when it comes to your work being accepted/not, you're completely dependent on someone else's "opinion." Keep sending it out until it finds a home. Never give up. A big congratulation for doing the work—that's the journey.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is HUGE!!! Congrats on a big leap forward!

And to actually read your words, "besides, I'm doing what I love"...what could BE more perfect than that?

Kudos to you for bravery and pursuing your bliss :)