Monday, June 15, 2009

Simple Gifts

This blog is supposed to be about Art and Mammals.

And, usually, I leave the Deep Thoughts to the Blisschick.

But lately, as anyone who reads either this blog or Blisschick's already knows, we have had some Major Things going on that have made my Art, at least, come to a temporary halt. Instead of writing or even painting, I have had to do some... Thinking.

Sigh. I'm not that good at Thinking.

As for the Mammals, well, they are usually in a state of halting. They call it "conserving energy." Otherwise known as laying around, resting, or lounging.

Please observe Exhibit A:

And for further evidence, Exhibit B:

Over the past week, Death has Kindly stopped, as Emily Dickinson would say, for two of our friends. They were in pain and exhausted by their diseases, and so Death was truly Kind in Stopping.

But, it leaves the rest of us here with some emptiness. We are left with trying to Understand the Big Picture of it all.

Earlier in the week, I was at work and I emailed the Blisschick to say this:

I was given the opportunity to spend an evening with Ken (along with the Blisschick, our friend, Miss Kitty, and Ken's wife, Debbie) that was perhaps his last good meal. His last good day where he felt like socializing. Where he felt like Himself.

In addition to that, I was given an opportunity to spend an hour with Susan while she was in the hospital. It, too, was perhaps her last time of feeling good. A time when she asked about others and we laughed and talked as if everything were Normal even though her liver had turned into an alien tumor.

And so I said to the Blisschick, "Why was I given these experiences? What is the Universe trying to teach me?"

She responded by saying the following: "Consider the possibility that the Universe is bestowing an Amazing Gift upon you. Perhaps you should stop thinking about it, and just accept that Gift."

Easier said than done.

But I'm trying.

Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me to accept. Accept Everything as a Gift.




"And, of course," Miss Zoe piped in while I was Thinking, "Art and Mammals. We are Gifts." Then, she added, "Especially Rabbits. Really, Rabbits are the Best Gift."

What Simple Gifts are you Appreciating today? (And don't forget to put "rabbits" at the top of the list, or someone may.....well.... do something...)


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, rabbits and cats are excellent gifts.

In my house, sadly there's no rabbit in residence. However, there is a very lovely kitteh who snores with impressive aplomb. And she's very interested in cuddles and neck and ear scratches. And she pays me back with big gurgling purrs that are um, very loud. But not as loud as her snoring.

Anyway. I'm so very sorry for your losses. Perhaps these two wonderful people got to cross over together?

For them, a brand new journey has begun, or so I believe anyway. Back to the source, all earthly limitations and ills removed.

You and Blisschick are doing a wonderful job remembering them in your own special ways.

I know you're in good hands with all those pets there to help you through, so please send Miss Zoe, Miss Lilly et all my regards and tell them to keep up the good work!

Emma said...

I've been thinking about you both a lot. What a time you're going through! Even with the good memories of these wonderful people and the easing of suffering that's come for them, wow...two deaths is a lot to deal with.

Here are some simple gifts I am appreciating right now.

Rabbits (I know better than to mess with Miss Z!) - There's Zoe, of course, and also super-cute rabbits on Cute Overload today.

Cats - Our cats are soft and fun and awesome.

Good Books - Yeah!

Basil - At least once a week we're eating a dinner with some of my fresh basil in it.

Lisa said...

Simple gifts around here lately are:

~our awesome new feline friend
~a growing garden
~new human friends with like-minded interests
~great early summer weather
~locally roasted coffee that makes us happy to wake up every morning
~vegan fare
~books & DVD's from the library :-)
~waking up to the sound of birds and chipmunks chirping and singing
~enjoying the newly renovated park that is just across the street from our house
~the month of June (my favorite)

Gosh, I could go on and on! Thank you for this reminder to embrace simple goodness :-)

Hugs to you...

JFKlaver said...

I'm so sorry for your difficult times. Animals have a wonderful healing spirit, so spend as much time as you can stroking them and allow them to heal your pain. After my father died and I worked through my grief, I realized his spirit is always with me. I hope you can reach this point.

Melita said...

cats & rabbits are definitely at the top of my list!! sorry to hear about your difficult times recently. hope everything gets better soon.