Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Decisions, decisions

One of the things I find most difficult in life is making decisions.

I am usually pretty OK with whatever happens in my world.

That's probably a good thing when you live with these two monsters:


OK, I guess they're not really monsters.

They are actually pretty sweet... long as you keep them fed.
And, you don't poke them!

Having two creative Animals in one house, plus five other (rather nappy) Animals, who expect constant entertainment from the first two, can be a lot.

Blisschick and I are, of course, both writers. Blisschick is working on various fiction and non-fiction projects, her blog, and her poetry. I am concentrating on writing novels and my blog. We meet weekly with our writing group. We are expected to produce.

In addition, I also fancy myself a visual artist, concentrating effort on painting Animals. I absolutely love to paint and draw. Especially Animals.

Besides that, I still have my full time job at the Library, and the Blisschick has her own full time job at home, taking care of all of our business ventures, as well as doing all the mundane tasks like running to the post office and the Food Co-Op, or doing the laundry to name just a few.


Mr. Scottie naps.

Miss Rosie basks.

Miss Lilly snores.

Miss Emmie crouches.

And, together, they form sleepy nests that emit
sleep inducing
Cat Breath Traps in to our lovely home.

Of course, Miss Zoe spends her time
convincing herself that those cats are not real.

I know-- if only we could get them to clean their own litter boxes or mow the lawn or something.

Zoe claims that she hired a team of minion rabbits to help with the lawn, but they don't seem to get too far, usually. Though they have done a pretty good job on keeping the baby chard plants "mowed." Hmmmm... perhaps Zoe gave them faulty instructions?

The point is that, recently, the Blisschick and I had to have a talk. I sometimes feel as though I'm not really getting anywhere. (Of course, I know I really am, since it's the process that's important, blah, blah, blah.)

But that doesn't stop me (or us) from placing expectations on our Arts. We both think to ourselves, "If only I could become FAMOUS!"

Of course, famosity is not our goal. We live a pretty simple and modest life, and would just like to be able to support ourselves with our Art. Whatever that may be-- writing, painting, whatever.

So, in the talk Blisschick had with me, she explained the Importance of Making Decisions.

Because I have a full time job, because I enjoy yard work, because when I am home I want to spend time with all my Mammals having fun, which includes, sometimes, spontaneous trips to the beach or sitting in the sun all day reading and watching birdies, or sometimes laying on the Rabbit Room floor, because of all that... it means I won't have time all the time to do EVERYTHING.

That is a difficult concept for me. I want to do EVERYTHING. But unless I magically become a robot like the character Cameron on Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, I still also need to sleep and eat and stuff.

Hence the can't do EVERYTHING bit.

Here comes the hard part: We had to make some decisions about some things.

What I decided for now, is to try concentrating for awhile on writing. I have some painting projects to finish up, and I will certainly still sketch and draw and paint here and there.

But for now, I'm going to concentrate on trying to find an agent for my first completed novel and work on finishing my second.

I do like to do EVERYTHING. And, eventually, I want to get back to doing at least a little more of EVERYTHING. But, for now, I just need to put my full energy into SOMETHING!!

So, writing it is. At least for the Summer.

Writing and waiting on Miss Zoe, that is.

One can't forget that second part, can one?


Kavindra said...

As a huge fan of your art, I can barely respond! Well, the good news is I trust your wisdom, and your amazing quirky creativity, so if the painting is wonderful, the novel must be out of this world. Good luck with getting out into the world with it - if anyone should be famous, it's you two.

The photos today are especially darling - blisschick and lily look so cute together. Except, looking at those photos, I

karmacoy said...

Hi Marcy,
I'm with you on the challenge of making decisions (you wouldn't happen to be a Pisces like me?).

I'm with you on the wanting to do EVERYTHING front as well. (Kinda goes with the territiry of not being able to decide,right?)

I also find your furry friendsso very adorable (both nappy and creative)!!

And, like you I am often grateful for the sage wisdom and advice of BlissChick (she's a smart cookie, huh?).

That's it, we have a lot in common. I'm following you now, too!!

Marcy said...

thanks, kavindra. i'm not giving up art, mind you-- just focusing on something else for a couple of months. i won't be able to stay away from painting for very long.

and, yes, karmacoy, i AM a pisces. flopping fish, that's us, eh? fortunately, blisschick is very decisive and helps make me a little less floppy some of the time. :) now i'm going to heck out your blog!

Emma said...

Congratulations on your new focus!

I am looking forward to reading your novel(s)!!

Also, I loved all these photos of your Mammal Housemates!

Marcy said...

they are adorable, aren't they? i'm overwhelmed with X-treme cuteness like this everyday. how do i survive it, i wonder?

Artist Jennifer Bernard Swiderski said...

Oh thank you for sharing this! I am going thru the same thing right now! I completely understand.(and also glad to know I am not the only one!)
how funny, my partner and fur babies also are at home while I am working my 'second' job, trying to transition back into my art career full time.
Zoe is too cute.
blessings to you both, and I enjoy the writing 7 thoughts you both share.
also, as one with magenta hair from time to time,(that is also white, that stays hennaed) love the hair, Bliss!
many blessings,

Cris said...

Very cute!