Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blame it on the What???

First off, I'd like to say that there's some sort of Animal in my Writing Room.

It's staring at me.

Look at it. See?

Please, save me from this Animal!!

Please!! Someone help me!!

What is this intense stare about, you ask? Well, that's a good question. And, one I'm prepared to answer.

As I mentioned on Monday, since I had my


revelation on Saturday, Miss Zoe and I have been painting and listening to...well... Motown.

OK, so you have to understand. I've not ever listened to Motown. I grew up listening to a lot of things (as I've mentioned in the past).

We listened to show tunes.

We listened to Hawaiian music.

We listened to our share of Herb Alpert.

We listened to classical, jazz, 40's and 50's tunes, Johnny Cash, and on and on.

My sister, almost 5 years my senior, listened pretty exclusively to Classic Rock. (In fact, one of my first concerts was going to see The Who with her and her friends. We ended up sitting next to a very friendly, giggly, and relaxed group of people with a giant bag of "oregano.")

When I was in junior high school, I discovered punk and alternative (or "college music" as it was called by Billboard). And that was sort of where I stopped until the last few years.

Never Motown. Nope. Skipped it.

Well, my Motown Era has come. And, I LOVE IT!!

(Blisschick here: Frog has completely opened up MY music horizons. I was a when I met her. BUT I must take credit for the Motown! I have love love loved it for a LONG time. Her first real sampling came about a year ago when I showed her the video for Don't Stop Til You Get Enough.)

That's what the staring was about. Miss Zoe also loves her some Motown. We've begun to call it Rabbit Music.

It's so happy!! It's so fun!! It makes you want to dance!!

Zoe and I have our Pandora Radio application on our iPod tuned into Jackson 5. (That means we also get a little 80's Michael Jackson, and I have to say that Miss Zoe was a little distressed that we had to endure Man in the Mirror yesterday. But, hey, it's only like 4 minutes of her life, right?)

You may wonder, "Well it all sounds good-- all the fun, happy dancing. But what can you learn from it?"

So, let me share a few things I've gleaned:

1. Gotta lay that 9 to 5 up on the shelf.

2. Smokey Robinson's songs all seem to center around clowns. The Blisschick has assured me that it's only because there were a lot of songs about clowns during that time. Hmmm...

3. You shouldn't blame it on the sunshine. You shouldn't blame it on the moonlight. You shouldn't blame it on the good times. You should blame it on the boogie.

4. You should make an effort to shake your booty down to the ground.

I can see myself using #3 at work. Can you picture it? Someone's at the library circulation desk complaining about her fines and saying, "What is wrong with you people that you just can't check things in right?"

I would look directly into her flashing angry eyes and respond: "Must be the boogie."

Well, maybe not. But maybe...

For now, Miss Zoe and I will just say these things to each other. And to the cats and the Blisschick, of course. :)

In closing, I'm posting a couple of pictures from the Rabbit Room walls. The first is a picture of the wall above my easel. You can see the picture of Baby Audrey in the lower left hand corner.

The second picture is a detail of the Baby Audrey section.

Zoe the Rabbit!!

Detail of the Baby Audrey section.
She's boogie-ing on to Sparkle Pond!

OK, well, I'd better get the Motown going. Goodness knows what will happen if I don't.

I mean, you saw that face, didn't you?

You'd put on the Motown pretty darn fast, too. Trust me on that.


Kavindra said...

Miss Zoe! What a fantastic groovy hip rabbit you are. And you're not even frightened by all the creepy clown references either.

Thank your mom Marcy for showing us the painting of baby Audrey - she looks so happy dancing with her new wings.

Emma said...

Whoa, that is one Intense Animal!!! (Eeeep!)

I *love* the painting of Baby Audrey.

I also enjoyed your Lessons from Motown! Ha! =)

JFKlaver said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Baby Audrey painting, I'm glad she gets to be part of the rockin' rabbit room :)

P.S. I love loving things, too!