Friday, June 5, 2009

Flip Friday

Miss Zoe can't believe it's Friday again!

I told her, "Look, we need some footage of you doing something. Anything. You're so cute that it doesn't even matter what you do. We just need a movie to post."

She bounced away. Turned her back to me.

I followed her, petted her tail and added, "Think of your fans, you know? They expect it."

This last part perked her up a bit. She turned to look at me.

But here's the thing: Zoe's in the midst of her Summer Preparatory Molt. She's working on growing out the softest and lightest of her seasonal coats.

(For those of you in the crowd who are, shall we say "Rabbit Challenged," every few months, bunnies go through a molting process. Zoe, being a mini rex bunny-- and I've read is the case with all mini rexes-- loses GIANT CHUNKS of hair during her molts.)

During a big molt like this, we lay on the floor together, and I scratch her little rabbit body and pull chunks of hair from her coat. She seems to really dig it. That loose hair probably gets itchy.

Strangely, she does not dig being brushed. I think it tickles.

In this picture, you can see tiny evidence of the molt-- see the ridgey, shadowy looking line near her left eye? We call such spots her "hair craters."

Also, when her body molts, the orange spots on her sides molt differently than the white hair of which she is chiefly comprised.

The way she molts differently for different colors of hair leads to what we call her "crop circles."

Well. That is what they look like.

The point of all of this story of crop circle molting and such is to tell you that Miss Zoe is a little self-conscious about her appearance right now.

She doesn't want her public to think that she is unkempt. Or, that she's depressed because her movie star boyfriend just broke up with her. Or, that she's been abducted by aliens. Or, that... well, she had a million things in mind that others might think.

I told her, "Zoe, this isn't the Star or the Enquirer, you know. No one's even going to notice that your fur isn't perfectly smooth. Now, eat this radish green and show me some cute rabbit lip action!"

Rabbits! So fastidious.

But, she did answer the call.

And so, here is what miss Zoe has for you this week.

First, Miss Zoe in "Radish Greens."

Pay close attention to the way the chlorophyll from the very fresh (straight-from-the-neighbor's-garden-fresh) radish green stains her lips in a way that makes her look as though she's wearing green lip gloss.

And, because you've been so good, here's a special treat. A movie with no soundtrack, so you, too, can hear the beauty of her little, crunching mouth.

Here's Miss Zoe in "(An Almost) Silent Movie:"



Lisa said...

Love this!

TOTALLY made us smile and laugh :-) What a great way to start a Friday morning.


Melita said...

miss zoe is so stinkin' adorable!!

Kavindra said...

You're right, it is adorable to hear her crunchy crunching.

The people have pink hair, the rabbits green lip gloss, what's next over there? Blue toenail polish on the cats? A colorful household!

Loved seeing you and Blisschick together with your hair, now take a photo of you both with Zoe. (Shouldn't Zoe be in EVERY picture taken?)

Emma said...

*crunch, crunch*

Zoe is inspiring, as always! :) She inspires me to eat leaves and stems. And to molt!

*molt, molt*