Friday, June 19, 2009


A wee note to let you all know that Baby Audrey was not made for this world. We feel honored to have had any time with her, and we hope we made her short life as sweet as possible.

We had a small funeral for her, and she is now resting under the crab apple at the bottom of the yard.

We know she is already having fun at Sparkle Pond with Jobie and Ernie and all sort of special, sparkle animals.


Emma said...

It's so sad, but I hope it's OK that I am glad she was able to spend her time with you.

carlikup said...


I have a little story to tell you that happened several years ago when I was living an orthodox life ...

... and before I tell you, I need to let you know how it came to be..I just came back from grocery shopping, and I was putting the frozen items away and all of a suddenly, this story came back very strongly to me, and then "poof"" you were in my mind as well.. something was urging me to let go of the grocery, and communicate this to you, here it goes:

Several years ago, a friend of mine lost her mother to cancer. After her burrial, we all went to her house, and she sat down on the floor to do shiva (mourning)with her father. Needless to say, it was very devestating. She was an only child and extremely close to her mother ... All the windows were opened, it was a beautiful day .. as she sat there in tears, a little bird flew in, and perched itself on her head; it was sureal. People tried to catch the little creature, but with no luck. The Rabbi urged them to stop but with no explanation why... he simply said to let the bird be, and when it would be ready to go, it would. Well, the bird flew to my friends room, and that's where it stayed, perched on a shelf, for several days. My friend left her window opened, and it finally left after several days ... The Rabbi then explained, that many times when a person dies and leaves his or her body, it will inhabit an animal's so it can be around and comfort the ones they left behind.

Maybe , someone was doing the same thing for you :0)

Take care of yourself,



Kavindra said...

That is so sad, but you saved her from being alone, cold, hungry, and possibly tormented by cats, while she was in her last days. That is all we can do sometimes, and it is wonderful you did that for her, as well as for your friends recently.

Carla's story ... I think there's something there. The timing is so incredible.

Bless you for trying to save that sweet little thing.

Marcy said...

thank you all for these lovely comments.

emma-- of course you can be happy!! i'm glad she spent her time here, too.

carla-- that was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL story!!! it made me cry (in a good way). the thought that maybe the souls of our friends came to see us in the form of that little rabbit is such an amazing thought. and your story was like a little painting in my head. thank you so much for that. it meant more than you know. :)

and, kavindra-- that's what christine has said quite a few times, and you are right. the baby had a good time in here in the company of another rabbit and some rabbit people!

thanks to all of you.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your baby bunny. The video of her was beautiful, what a precious gift to be able to spend time with such a tiny creature!

Wishing her well in her next incarnation. xo

JFKlaver said...

All I have to add to these beautiful comments is, "Amen."

Anonymous said...

you were blessed and so was she :)
sorry for your loss.