Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is there a Dream Interpreter in the House?

Did you ever have one of those dreams?

You know the ones I mean. Disjointed. Weird.

At first when you wake up, you think, "Wow! That was so, like, meaningful!"

When I have these dreams, I wake up convinced that they make sense.

Like the dream I had about the cat sitting totally enraptured by the different kinds of coffee in the coffee aisle at the grocery store. That makes sense, right?

Or, the dream I had about the Elephant Panda Dog. You know, the one in the kick line that looked right at me and winked. Now that was profound. Wasn't it?

Elephant Panda Dog this!

So, the other night, I had one of those dreams.

In my dream a couple of events took place.

The first thing was that I woke and walked down the hallway to feed Zoe. So far, so good, right?

Mmmmm.... not quite. The gate to her room was open and Zoe was nowhere to be found. There were a few other other rabbits in her room, lined up neatly in their own little Willow Chalets, resting. Also, Zoe's room was not Zoe's actual, current room-- it was my bedroom from when I was little in the house I grew up in.

In lieu of herself and inside her empty Chalet, Miss Zoe had left a handwritten note, a list of sorts for my perusal. The list was labeled at the top: "HOUSEHOLD ENERGY POLICIES," and it continued on to outline the things she did not like. I woke the Blisschick to show her the list. Her response? "Oh, that RABBIT!" (Miss Zoe's handwriting, I am Proud to say, was very neat.)

"And, why shouldn't I be concerned with
Household Energy Policies?"

Then, there was a knock at the door. We went downstairs and opened the door to find Spider-Man standing there in strange, large, thick, squarish glasses. The Blisschick responded to this sight by saying, "Oh, it's YOU!" and promptly shut the door on him.

This is SO the face of someone who would slam the door on Spidey!

Again, the door we opened and closed on Spider-Man was in the kitchen of the house I grew up in, not in our current kitchen.

I must say, Spider-Man looked quite forlorn as the door swung closed in his bespectacled face. Poor Spidey. He kind of made a pouty lip. Not that attractive on a Superhero, I have to say.

And, so I ask: Is there a Dream Interpreter out there? Someone who can tell me why the phrase Household Energy Policies would show up in my dream, when, to me those are not really words? I mean, I would never venture to say those words in real life.

As for Spider-Man? Come on-- help me out here.

I have to say, Blisschick and I had a good laugh about it all. The things she said "Oh, that Rabbit!" and "Oh, it's you!" seem like pretty typical Blisschick statements, actually, which added to the funny.

But seriously, if this dream is supposed to mean something deep about my subconscious, I'm kind of curious as to what.

In the meantime, Miss Zoe is simply hoping that if the Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus show up outside her window, that Spider-Man remembers it was Blisschick and not her who slammed the door on him.

I'm pretty sure he'll remember.


hmmbrd said...

hmmm, well if we go with one theory of dream interpretation, that you are all the characters in your dream, then maybe you are holding within you all the traits of superhero (spidey), small child (zoe) in need of care, adult not needing rescuing (blisschick) etc. Well... it's a theory. your household energy rules... hmmmmm??? desire for structure? Anyway, it's a great dream!

Anonymous said...

Oh, hummingbird, I LOVE that interpretation of my slamming the door on spidey. Very funny!

Anonymous said...

I've heard it said tho we dream in symbols, it is our feeling tone in the dream that remains true. So, were you frightened? Feeling abandoned when Zoe wasn't there, or really worried about her. Ask yourself what was your feeling tone in the dream.

Is there anything going on in your life that is reminiscent of when you were a child. Are you feeling your inner child is being ignored by something or someone? Or, an aspect of you being dismissed? Have you tried to set a boundary recently that was not respected, or invalidated. Or just not recognized as being as important as it might be to you as evidenced by the dream. People in our dreams can and often do represent other people and sometimes compilations. So, I'd start with what were my feelings in this dream. Symbols and colours etc. The Phrase, Household Energy Policies Could be an anagram or tricky turn of a phrase. Our unconscious has a sense of humour. Or, it could speak to something you've agreed to in the house, or with your time (energy) but are not so happy about, or need to discuss further.
I guess I'd wonder if some part of my inner child was feeling ignored (door shut on) Zoe leaving, but with a note. PS I love your videos, but it is my inner little girl who really loves them even tho I'm
52. You have that pulse so clearly in your video work that I've seen.
Anyway, armchair psych signing out now! I really appreciate your blog and your partner's. I intend on answering her questions in my journal.