Friday, June 26, 2009

Flip Friday

Can it possibly be Friday again? Already??

Miss Zoe said that besides it being Friday, she is also hot.

(I'm not sure what those two things have to do with one another. Do you?)

That is actually a bit of drama on her part. She WAS hot. Now, she's the coolest Animal in the house.

While the cats and the Blisschick spent their day dripping off the furniture, barely able to stay in solid form due to the humidity, Miss Zoe kicked back comfy in her air conditioned Rabbit Room.

Rabbits, you know. They like Comfort. They like things to be...well...a Certain Way.

And They are Rabbits. So they get things how They want them.

I always think that the cats will run right up to the Rabbit Room once the window AC unit is turned on.

But, no. Apparently, they prefer the molten lava approach.

"OK. Fine. Those cats can melt all over the couch for all I care," Miss Zoe says as she meticulously trims her toenails. "I just don't want to hear any meow, meow, meowing about the heat is all."

(Don't let Miss Zoe fool you. She loves her cats! She's just mad that they think it's too hot to come upstairs for a visit.)

I know-- you FEEL Miss Zoe's pain, don't you? You FEEL her dinstinct lack of cats?

So, here's a couple videos to help ease your pain a little.

In the first movie, we see Miss Zoe, telling anyone who cares to watch, that, as you can see, her dish is EMPTY!!!

In this second movie, a sequel if you will, you see Miss Zoe feeling pleased that her dish has, indeed, been filled.

And, it is Good.

She's hoping this helped you to feel better.

If she's helped even one of you, it was well worth her time.

Don't you think?


Lisa said...

Great fun!

What an awesome way to start my Friday!

Totally made me laugh and smile :-)

As someone who likes to eat as much and as often as Miss Zoe does, I completely understand the frustration of an empty bowl. :-p

Thank you!

cream_city_chick-A-DEE said...

I've become quite fond of rabbits & of Miss Zoe in particular! She is quite a lady! I so enjoy having glimpses into her life. Thanks for sharing a peek with us!

Emma said...

Thank goodness for that second video! I was quite disturbed by that EMPTY BOWL in the first one!

My cats have taught me that a bowl should NEVER be empty. NEVER!

I loved the videos, as always, and I never get over how Miss Z's nose pops up and down and up and down and...

JFKlaver said...

I love Miss Zoe. She is my inspiration. Smiles to you both.

Marcy said...

miss zoe feels your love!!

it makes her roll with joy. :)