Monday, June 8, 2009

For Ken

Today, we both celebrate a life and say farewell to our good friend, Ken Honard.

My tribute will pale in comparison with Blisschick's.

Nevertheless, I made a video in Honor of Ken.

He loved to cook and eat wonderful food.

He loved to drink delicious wines.

He loved to travel and especially loved Florence, Italy. Who doesn't?

He loved color and art and music.

He loved reading and culture.

He loved laughter and life.

He also loved rabbits.

And it is for that reason that I am posting a video of Zoe in his honor.

This video in honor of our good friend, Ken, is a reminder to grab life by the radish greens.

In other words, to live life to the fullest. To enjoy everything with the joy and abandon of a rabbit eating her fresh, rain-kissed salad from the yard.

The video is accompanied by the Pink Martini song, Sympathique, which for whatever reason, is a song I associate with Ken. We, the Blisschick, our friend Miss Kitty, Ken and his wife Debbie and a few others and I went to see Pink Martini twice together.

Whenever I listen to Pink Martini, I think of Ken.

I guess that's enough explanation.

I would like to thank the Universe for Ken.

He loved and was loved.


Emma said...

Yours is a wonderful tribute, too. He sounds like a wonderful person!

Kavindra said...

Condolences to both you girls on the loss of your friend. He sounds lovely, and well loved. There's no better sign of a good life than that.

Lisa said...

Oh, what a fitting tribute! I'm sure his spirit is smiling down as Miss Zoe enjoys her treats.

Thank you for reminding us to savor the goodness of life while we can.

Dhonard said...

Last i came upon this beautiful tribute for ken.

kenny and i watched and listened as eddie interpreted the words for us. we all were truly moved by your visual/auditory art.
my heart is still full.