Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Summer

Happy Summer!!

A Bumblebee in the Great Asparagus Forest

After the last two weeks we've had, we here at the Lilypad are ready for some fun!

And on that topic, I thought I'd share a realization I had over the weekend.

Let me start by saying that I haven't painted in awhile. I shared a couple of weeks ago that I simply realized that I needed to focus on writing, and that fact hasn't really changed. But sometimes, it's good not to follow Rules. Even Rules you've made up yourself.

Maybe especially those Rules.

I got home from work on Friday, and we had a funeral for Baby Audrey Rabbit. We said a few words, wrapped her in her cloth where she had lovingly snuggled her cute and tiny self during her stay in our home, and we committed her body to the ground underneath our crab apple tree. We buried her with a fresh, ripe strawberry picked from our own, little strawberry plants. A bit of something for her trip to Sparkle Pond.

Afterward, I went up to see Zoe, and she, as usual, had a few words for me: "Paint that little rabbit," she encouraged me as we were laying on the Rabbit Room Floor hugging. "Go on," she said. "Get up and do it."

It's Very Important to listen to one's Rabbit. I know this well. I listened.

I got up right then and there and painted that Little Baby Bunny on the Rabbit Room wall.

It was the right thing to do.

Then Saturday started out not so well. I woke up feeling sad. Worn out. Tired. Not like myself.

We did a few things in the morning, and sometime in the late morning, I got this comment from Carla:

Several years ago, a friend of mine lost her mother to cancer. After her burial, we all went to her house, and she sat down on the floor to do shiva (mourning)with her father. Needless to say, it was very devastating. She was an only child and extremely close to her mother ... All the windows were opened, it was a beautiful day .. as she sat there in tears, a little bird flew in, and perched itself on her head; it was surreal. People tried to catch the little creature, but with no luck. The Rabbi urged them to stop but with no explanation why... he simply said to let the bird be, and when it would be ready to go, it would. Well, the bird flew to my friends room, and that's where it stayed, perched on a shelf, for several days. My friend left her window opened, and it finally left after several days ... The Rabbi then explained, that many times when a person dies and leaves his or her body, it will inhabit an animal's so it can be around and comfort the ones they left behind.

Maybe , someone was doing the same thing for you :0)

What?? WOW!!!

This comment changed my whole perspective. Maybe Baby Audrey wasn't supposed to add to our sadness. DUH!!! Maybe she was sent here to help comfort us after our recent losses.

It changed my day. Amazing, how that can happen.

Soon after, the Blisschick said to me, "Frog (as she calls me), I think you need to have some fun. You need to do some painting."

It is Very Important, also, to listen to one's Blisschick. I know this. I listened.

So all day, I painted and we danced and giggled and listened to Motown. And I thought about the comfort Baby Audrey's short presence here could give me if only I would just let it.

And then, late in the day, I found myself yelling down the stairs to the Blisschick, who was sitting in her chair reading:

"I love loving things!!"

And that, Dear Reader, was my realization.

Things can be hard. People and Animals we Love come and go.

But the Loving of them? Always worth it.



christagirl said...

Thank you

Kavindra said...


So glad you found yourself and your bliss again in painting. (can we see the painting of Audrey next post?)

Katie said...

Wow, I really really understand this. "I love loving things." One of those simple, but profound realizations. I understand that on a real soul level - thank you so much for sharing that :)

p.s. your art is just beautiful, whimsical, authentic!

zipdang22 said...

It was something like that that helped me finally "accept" my sister-in-laws death. I was angry for a very long time until one day I thought...well, knowing what I know now (that she would be my best friend, then I'd have to watch her die a painful cancer death), would I choose to have never had her in my life?

Heck, no.

She changed the way I now chose to live my life. Her role in my life may have been shorter than I wanted, but it was monumental in my entire outlook on life.

And, that's when I realized that Grace's death (in a sad way) gave me life.

:-) Heather
(sorry we never got to chat at the moose...I snuck out pretty quick).

karmacoy said...

I love loving things too!! What a great realization.

I am in total agreement about the animal visitors as comfort when we lose someone close as well. From several personal experiences, I know this must be true.

Happy Summer to you too!!

Emma said...

LOVEly! :)

P.S. Keep up the good work, bee!

JFKlaver said...

Paint and paint some more. It heals the soul and calms the spirit. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

loving things is FUN!

you're getting so deep in recent posts - that's fun too!

Artist Jennifer Bernard Swiderski said...

Oh! you made me cry!
Truly beautiful.
you have a wonderful gift of sharing with your words & art. The more you let go, the better it is, and this takes the cake.
Wishing much love, joy & creativity to all of you there at the lilypad!
shine on you beautiful souls!
thank you for touching my heart today.

Marcy said...

thank all of you so much for your beautiful comments!!

it's been a week and i still love loving things!! i think it's going to stick. :)

[and, a small note to zipdang22 heather: which heather are you, if i may ask?]

zipdang22 said...

I realized after posting that you wouldn't know who zipdang22 is! It's the former Heather Bruce... :-)

Marcy said...

zipdang! ah ha! i had a feeling you were that heather. :) sorry i missed seeing you. actually i did catch a glimpse of you, because i said to ann (beard) while looking around the room, "oh, there's heather. remember when christine (brinkman) and i washed her hamster and blew him dry at a sleepover at her house?"

i do hope you can forgive me that act.