Friday, June 19, 2009

Flip Friday

As I sit here this morning at my writing desk, I am surrounded by something new.

Well, not surrounded, maybe.

But there is something new.

What, you ask? What, you wonder?

Then, you hear Miss Zoe over in the corner. She's munching hay, but she manages to burp out "Baby food. It's baby rabbit formula. Sigh."

Baby rabbit formula, you think? WHAT?

That's right. Don't worry, though-- no one is going to take over Zoe's spot as Rabbit of the House.

You see, we are only the temporary foster parents of... someone new.

It's a Baby Rabbit. (Did you already guess that?)

We call her Baby Audrey. Though she may be Baby Felix. We're not sure.

Neighbor Bill's dog, Pilot, found Baby Audrey and brought her to us, unharmed, in his mouth. We searched for a nest that would contain Baby Audrey's relations, but we had no luck. So, the Blisschick got a box and we brought her inside (safe from the stray cat posse he have in the yard lately) and started researching.

We found out that we shouldn't touch her too much (seems obvious-- she's a WILD bunny!), so we are trying VERY HARD not to, though, as you can imagine it's not easy. But, it's for her own good.

[In the video you will see in a moment, I am holding her in my hand, but it's only while she eats. That was my Rabbit Touching Disclaimer.]

Baby Audrey eats Kitten Milk Replacer. So far, she seems to like it well enough.

Today is day 3. She has eaten and... ahem... eliminated, so it seems as though all systems are go. She is resting comfortably in a heated rabbit condo as I write. Today, I will call a wildlife rehabilitation center called Tamarack, which is near us. As much as we enjoy having Baby Audrey in the house, we want her to survive. We want to eventually re-release her to the Great Outdoors. When she's ready.

And, as Miss Zoe would point out, we are in NO WAY Rabbit Professionals.

And so... INTRODUCING (drum roll, please!).... BABY AUDREY!!!

And, of course, no Flip Friday would be complete without an appearance from Miss Zoe. She'll be glad when the Wild Bunny is out of her room! Though, she has to admit, Baby Audrey is kind of cute.

Miss Zoe will now show off her own cuteness in this video:

Enjoy your weekend! Come back next week! Same Rabbit Time! Same Rabbit Channel!


Emma said...

I knew Zoe would love Bjork just like I do!

Baby Audrey is adorable! The tiny ears! The tiny tail!

Kavindra said...

I can't believe that little girl is even surviving without her mommy. What a very very good dog to pick her up so gently in his mouth and save her.

I'm curious if she and Zoe are interested in each other. Are her little eyes even open yet?

What a week you have had - 2 deaths of close friends, a wedding, and now a tiny new life you are nurturing. Really something.