Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Mooollttiinngg...!!!

It seems like everyone around here is molting.

Inside the Lilypad, Miss Zoe is molting:

Loose hair galore!

See the Molt Ridge across her nose?

Outside the Lilypad, while trimming the hedge, we found this little fellow who had molted.

Believe it or not, there's no body in there!

See the split at the top where the little dude crawled out?

And just blocks away, friendBob has a tarantula named Peter Parker who just molted. I don't have a picture of that, but hearing about it was pretty funny. He said it left such a perfect shell of itself that when he looked into the tank, he didn't even know which was the old skin and which one was the real tarantula!

That's kind of how it was with the cicada pictured above. He left his whole little suit behind.

Not so, however, with Miss Zoe. (Though, wouldn't you like to have an unused Rabbit Suit to pet? Can you imagine it just zipping off like a 1970's one-piece Leisuresuit?)

And, also, not so with my Etsy store.

Did you just get conversational whiplash?!? (I know-- you were still back on the Leisuresuit image. Me, too!)

I got conversational whiplash, and I even wrote it!

So what does my Etsy store, Ordinary Enchantment, have to do with molting?

Easy. It's molting, too. See the relation?

We're having a sale to shed off the old and bring in the new!! I have tons of new ideas for new WeeArt paintings, so Blisschick announced to me over the weekend, "Let's have a sale!"

Miss Zoe and Miss Lilly shouted together in their best announcer voices: "EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!!"

Since Blisschick beat me to the punch by announcing this little sale on Monday, a few things have sold already. But not to worry!! There's still a few things left.

As for what's coming next, Zoe and I have plans to start this weekend.

I assure you. It will be hair raising. Or should I say hare raising?

Hair. Hare. Whatever.


Art D. said...

The fluff has been flyin' off of derby, too, for two weeks now!

Connie said...

My dog Nyla is molting too!! I actually like it...we snuggle on the couch and I pull wads of fur out!!

I'm strange.

But I've been feeling like all my art in and out of etsy is starting to molt as well.


I think that's my new word!

PEace & Love.

Anonymous said...

I *adore* these little mini-paintings. Esp. the one of the tabby with the heart. So touching and beautiful! Lovely!
I will be watching your shop for more of these mini's.