Monday, August 3, 2009

Jazzfest and Giant Zucchini-- What's the Link?

Ah, Monday.

Who knew it would come so fast?

I guess it normally follows Sunday, but even so, I could have used another day.

I worked at the Library all day Saturday, but our Sunday was wonderful. Although, when we woke up, it was raining, and we feared it might foil our afternoon plans. Our plan was to spend the afternoon and evening at the Erie Art Museum's Blues and Jazz Fest.

"Zoe," I said to her at about 1:00 PM, "do you think you could do something about this weather? You know, maybe help to clear it up? Maybe just move some clouds away?"

She looked up from munching her Lunch Salad and stared at me.

Then she said, "Bring me a sacrifice, then. Isn't that how these things work? It's either that or you have to dance, and frankly, I'd rather not see you dance."

Back to munching the salad. She had spoken.

And, so, I went off in search of a sacrifice. Earlier, we found this lurking in the neighbors' garden, and I took it up to Miss Zoe:

"This is not exactly what I had in mind when I said 'sacrifice.'"

A Disclaimer: Don't fret. We don't just go around the neighborhood pinching people's Giant Zucchinis or other Random and Large Veg. It might seem that way. It also might seem like a Wallace and Grommit movie. But, seriously, our neighbors are out of town and told us that they didn't want to see any Giant Zucchinis in the garden when they got back, and that we were to take them and use them. Truthfully, I'm hoping to get this 2 foot Zucchini cut down to size before it eats one of the Cats or the Rabbit. Or, the Blisschick. I feel sure I can fight it off.

The moral of this story is this: Don't try to bribe Your Rabbit or any Rabbit You May Know with a giant Zucchini. They don't really make a great sacrifice. A Willow Ball would have served the purpose much better.

Miss Zoe did not clear the clouds away. It even rained a bit on our way to the fest.

We set up our chairs in what we anticipated would perhaps later be a sunny spot. I was sitting under the overcast sky and was really starting to regret the Sacrificial Zucchini Mistake, when I heard Miss Zoe's little voice in my head (She has Telepathic capabilities, you know).

"Oh, Good Grief. Alright. But I'd better get that Willow Ball soon, or, well, you don't want to know what."

And then, the sun came out.

Thanks, Miss Zoe.

We enjoyed the rest of the Festival in the comfort of the Sun until the Blisschick got too hot and we had to move into the shade.

We heard the end of the Valerie Horton Brown Project, and then full sets from three other bands, including our new favorite local band, the Heliotropes, the Tessa Souter Quartet, and finally Elaine & Susan Hoffman Watts and the Fabulous Shpielkehs. (The last act was Klezmer music, which Zoe absolutely loves. I think the weather clearing had a lot to do with her wanting to be able to hear the music through her open window. Hey-- whatever works.)

So, what did you do that was fun this weekend?

OK, it's a little scary. Time to make some mini loaves of bread.


Emma said...

Holy monkeys! That is the biggest zucchini I have ever seen in my life!

Plus, I'm in awe about Zoe's weather-powers. I...I just had no idea!

After this post, I need to sit quietly (in a zucchini-proof room) and think about things...

Sarah said...

LOL..giggle snort...looove it!! Thanks for my first laugh this morning!! I was thinking Wallace and Gromit!! Wonderful post!! Nice to meet ya I am quite fond of your other half!! Sarah